What are the easiest easter games and activities for kids?

They don’t celebrate easter where I’m living, but, my boys will be sad if we don’t have some kind of treasure hunt. I was thinking of hiding candy…but, would like some more ideas of easy to organize and fun to play easter games and activities…my two sons are 7 and 9 :) Thanks.

Answer #1

Last year I did a treasure-hunt for my sister, It was a great success. I got some chocolate eggs and lollies etc and put them in a box, and instead of individually hiding them around the garden, I made clues that go throughout the house. You pick something from each room and write a rhyme about it and hide the next clue there. You can make them guess the clue word from the rhyme.

Here are some ideas:

My pressure creates a lot of power, you wash in me, I am the … (shower). (there is a clue in the shower and it says…) I’m red and round, crunchy to bite, Snow white is asleep all through the night… (an apple). (so they would run to the kitchen and there would be one by some apples… etc.

Or you could hide eggs through their rooms and the only way they can find them is to clean their room! haha, hit 2 birds with 1 stone there…

Well, Its easter morning right now where I live. If we do anything particularly exciting I’ll comment you.

Answer #2

its a bit late for me to answer this question but it could help for next year, I made rabbit masks to were too hunt for eggs with my daughter then I hid some little egg shaped containers with little chocolate eggs in them, you could decorate hard boiled eggs with them I remember my nanna alway doing that with us, with glue, feathers, grap paper, pens, google eyes, and all that type arty stuff at there ages it should keep them busy for a couple of hours expecally if you give them a sheet of carboard and a few hard boiled eggs and get them to mave a sernorio it could be something off there favourte cartoon, film or even book hope this helps xx

Answer #3

Well, my family doesn’t really celebrate Easter… But in elementary we would hand paint eggs + decorate cupcakes. We’d buy the materials to create our own Easter basket, we’d paint and decorate with like fake grass and etc.Then afterwards we’d go hunt for those eggs that hold candy.. That’s basically it. But I do remember having a lot of fun doing that.

Answer #4

Well, there is this game my little brother learned in school, he’s 9, and it’s almost like a wishbone thing. You take two hardboiled eggs, and tap them together. Whoevers egg cracks first, loses and the other person gets to make a wish. It’s really simple but it can be fun. You could also make them little easter baskets, and send them on a “treasure” hunt, where you give them clues that end up leading them to their baskets. If the clue’s are easy enough they should get it pretty fast. Those are my only ideas at them moment, have a happy Easter

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