What are some good baby sitting activities?

Well in a few weeks I’m going to baby sit my cousins for the first time!! They LOVE hanging out with me, but I want to make sure that they have a LOT of fun. soo does anyone have any really good games or things to do with the kids?

Answer #1

Do what they want to do just dont go overborad

Answer #2

go to a local park or something. that always gets them happy, but it’s harder to watch if you have more than one. especially if they’re young because they can get hurt easily on playgrounds. also if you’re feeling like you’re seriously not wanting to work pop in a disney movie or something.


Answer #3

I play a game which is called “ do what you want “ haha let them get there toys out and jsut have a game of pretend play with them ^^ they’ll love it

Answer #4

It depends on their ages, but what about board games? You could read or tell stories to them or do games where you try to guess what someone is thinking. Like someone says ‘I’m thinking of a certain candy bar? Then, people take turns guessing which one, hide and go seek.

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