Good ideas to do with kids around the age of 3 and 4?

What are some good ideas to do with kids around the age of 3 and 4, but not tv or games

Answer #1

my 4 yr old is into puzzles big time. He now can put together 25 piece puzzles with no problem and its a great way for them to learn hand/eye motor skills and memory skills. Coloring and painting, play dough, kids at this age are very on the go and love to climb and jump, if you have access to a son could spend hrs on one and what a way to wear off energy and still get excersise. :)

Answer #2

take her to a play ground, and what I think that it’s a good idea is take her to a swimming pool, they’ll love that. I just taught my 4 year old how to swim.

Answer #3

Make masks out of paper, put food coloring in a vase and add a white flower, after a while the color goes up into the petals. You could make instruments out of pop bottles and fill them with beans. Make an ocean snack with jello and gummy fish, trace their body on a big piece of paper and let them color their face and clothes. Then you can show them a few things about the body like where their heart and brain is. Make a calander and look at the days and months, also talk about the weather that day and make sun, clouds ect. Find things to make costumes out of , get instruments and have a parade.

Answer #4

anything you do with them when you give them your 100% attention will be the best thing they could ask for!

they’ll colour and do arts and crafts for hours if YOU do it with them, without you, they’ll probably only last 15 minutes…

it’s YOU they find interesting and entertaing above anythng else!

Answer #5

Play hide and go seek… draw, color, bake cookies! mmm I used to have so much fun when I was a babysitter!

Answer #6

go to the park where there is a playground. they love that!

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