Easter Activities for Kids

I’m giving a talk to a ‘Mothers of Preschoolers’ group on ‘Easter Activities for Children’. I have lots of ideas (craft, visits etc) but would love to hear any of your own favourite Easter ideas. Thanks!

Answer #1

I found this site that has a lot of cute things on it: http://www.squiglysplayhouse.com/Holidays/Easter.html

Answer #2

Every year we do the easter egg hunt. We get about 24 eggs for the 2 boys and hide things like money or candy in them.

Another thing is creating popsicle stick crosses or drawing a picture and writing a poem about what He means to us.

Oh and definitely dying eggs!!!

Answer #3

I always liked dyeing eggs using natural ingredients (beets, onions,etc) I think it is a cool craft for kids (and the eggs turn out really pretty colors).

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