What are some good activities for toddlers ?

My mom works at a daycare and its really hard to find activities for younger children such as 2 and or even 3 year olders

Answer #1

I was a nanny for 7 years and one thing I found young toddlers love to do is pudding paint. you can add food coloring to vanilla pudding. it is fun for them and very safe. no need to worry if they eat it

Answer #2

play I spy, peekaboo, boardgames, cards, blocks, hide adn seek, read books, teach them basic hand games etc… playdough…just really easy, basic stuff. coloring is fun too. I’m a babysitter and I babysit and 3 year old and she loves doing all of these. dress up is really fun too!

Answer #3

Play silly word games and talk about imaginative capers.

Repeat and undo actions to help understand change and consistency.

Establish routines.

Introduce puzzles with about six pieces.

Offer simple choices.

Read aloud or tell stories exactly the same way each time without making changes. Play “follow the leader” and sing sequential songs.

Play “you are a mirror,” by facing children and asking them to imitate your actions. Then reverse roles.

Accommodate messy mixing, sifting, pouring, stirring and shaping.

Glue things together with a messy glitter glue stick.

Paint with pudding, icing or whipped cream. They’re safe when eaten.

Use icing to glue cereal, crackers or fruit to make pictures or mosaics.

Glue paper plates together with beans captured within and decorate them to make tambourines.

String large-holed beads or macaroni onto shoestrings.

Answer #4

Here is a great site that I like and has a lot of different activities for the kids [link removed]

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