What is a good idea for working with the kids in a community center?

The last time I help out our community center was 2009. I sold chips and sodas and candy by giving back to them. We even buy chips others snacks for them. One of the people got jealous. Since then I didn’t went back. Now it 2011 what is a different idea.

Answer #1

Well you can always help donate to help those in need. One thing I did once with a bunch of kids, was we served breakfast to the homeless. It felt really good afterwards and the kids actually enjoyed it :) You can also help the environment, start a fundraiser of some sort and even help kids with homework. I’m not sure if this is the type of answer you’re looking for but talk to me about it! I’ve worked with kids a lot! <3

Answer #2

It depends. Are you looking for ways to earn money for the kids in the community center or are you looking for activities to do with the kids?

If your trying to raise money for them be sure to include them in the fundraiser - its fun and lets them be apart of helping. You can do carwashes, sell sno-balls, face painting and a petting zoo, bake sale, garage sale (have people in the community donate things to sell), plate lunches for sell(have a local restaurant donate food), raffle, etc.

If your looking for fun activities for the kids - clothes swap meet (everyone brings in their clothes they dont wear or dont fit in anymore and swaps with other kids), community softball game, family picnic day (everyone brings their own food in picnix baskets and yu can have game stations set up, food drive to help the homeless…

Answer #3

Yes im looking for this answer

Answer #4

Yes im looking for this answer

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