is it bad to re-use a condom?

Answer #1

YES! Terrible terrible terrible idea. No spermicide left, easy breaking chances, the general grossness of it all. Just no. Don’t do it.

Answer #2

we used our last one and we cant get anymore=( even if i clean it out? itl break?

Answer #3

Where would you get it from? The trash? It’ll have all kinds of contaminants on it. There are many other forms of sex out there. Use your mouth, butt, hand, or whatever it takes.

Answer #4

no cuz i kept the last one we used. ugh wev done all but butt, but we wana do normal

Answer #5

YES u should throw away after one use

Answer #6

Not unless you want to be pregnant.

Answer #7

what you want and what is logical may be two different things. Think with your head, not his second head.

Answer #8

Absolutely NOT!!!! You never should reuse a condom even if it was one that was worn by you because there could be a hole in it or…… But most importantly…… you have no idea who wore this condom and what, if any, diseases they may have. If you can’t afford to buy your own condoms then you may need to think through getting involved sexually with someone.

Answer #9

im saying to re-use the one we last used

Answer #10

ya a nasty

Answer #11

Go to planned parenthood, they give out free condoms. Cause no you can’t reuse a condom.

Answer #12

thats just disgusting to think about..

Answer #13

Definitely do NOT reuse a condom EVER. DO another kind of sex until you can get more.

Answer #14

Yes, it’s bad. Holy crap. If you don’t know that then you should hold off on having sex until you’ve learned everything about it. That’s just disturbing to think about. Even if it was okay, that’s not a good choice, hygiene wise. Barf. :), Satanheadbangstometal!

Answer #15

There’s nothing wrong with re-using a condom! Don’t listen to these fools. A condom is just as effective used, as new. Rinse it out, after intercourse, and you’re good to go!

Answer #16

NEVER EVER EVER re-use a condom.

Answer #17

not true… don’t listen to this idiot/

Answer #18

omg…where was sex ed when you where in school??? Never re-use a condom!

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