What is the chance of pregnancy if you use a condom and the pull-out method?

what is the chance (%) that your pregnate if you have s*x with a condom and he pulled out before he came

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The failure rate for condoms with typical use is 15%. That means after one year of using condoms, 15 out of 100 of your average couples will become pregnant. If you use condoms perfectly, then they are more effective.

We can't really tell you what your chances are of getting pregnant from that particular act of intercourse since pregnancy depends on a lot of things. However, if you used a condom during the entire act, then you were well protected enough that you certainly should not be losing any sleep over it.

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I think 5% chance. Just guessing

Chance of getting pregnant with condom
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There's no point in just throwing random numbers out there. Pregnancy depends on too many things to be able to give an accurate estimate.

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