How bad is the random bleeding when you use the four periods pill?

I have gotten some birth control in the mail and im afraid to use it. Its supposed to give you four periods a year. I talked to the gynie about it and everything, but im scared to take it now because I read all this stuff about how you can randomly bleed while you’re on it. When it says there may be spotting or bleeding in between your scheduled period, exactly how bad and how much would that be? and if so, will it be random surprises that will make marks on your clothes? it would be horrible to be in public and just start bleeding so it will make marks on your pants… please help so I can know.

Answer #1

well as on any birth control you may experience Break through bleeding. During the first few months as your body is adjusting to the new medicine I would suggest wearing a pantyliner just in case. And the bleeding could be from a light spotting to a blood flow much like that of a period,

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