Can I re-use a condom?

I just ejacul*ted into a condom, is it bad if I clean it out and use it again?

Answer #1

no! you should no this but after being used its extreemly likely to break as well thats why you dont use them again there also cheap, you just buy a new one or packet and if there was any disease on that condom, then youd just be giving it to yourself go get anew one

Answer #2

They always say not to use it again. Even if you dont put it on the right way the first time and then have to put it back on they say to use another.

Answer #3

a condum can only be used once for perfect protection. if you want to get pregnant then that’s your choice. but I wouldn’t suggest it.

Answer #4

yeah are you like retared? ewwers why wood you want to do that anyways

Answer #5

like omg some people here were mean I would NEVER let a guy reuse one its unclean even if you wash it and I believe there is a chance it could rip

Answer #6

You can reuse it; But that’s pretty nasty and you should buy new ones. It’s totally gross for your own ejaculations and if a girl is included. I suggest you buy a new one. More cleaner and hygenic.

Answer #7

You guys don’t have to act like jerks all the time. In fact, this is a perfectly legit question, as sometimes YOU CAN reuse them.

Honestly, it’s best not to, because that will increase the chances of breakage.

Answer #8

So… you’re stupid AND you lack basic common sense…

Have you ever thought to ask questions about something OTHER than your short-lived erections & awkward ejaculations?

Answer #9

Yes you can but why not go for something a bit more hygenic and just get a new one as condoms are fairly cheap.

Answer #10

Yes thats just nasty use a new one !

Answer #11


Answer #12

captainassasin…that was good… hahahahahhahahahaahahhahahaha…

Answer #13

what the f*ck…DUDE SERIOUSLY..

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