Is it bad for your health to use a tampon?

My friends tell me that I shouldn’t use tampons for you because they’re bad for your health… Is this true? And if so how are they bad for you?

Answer #1

no..its not bad!O.o why would u think that?

Answer #2

If you use a tampon properly and change it every 5-6 hours there are no health problems. Toxic shock syndrome is something that is rarely caused by tampons anymore now that there have been so many advances in how they are made, the only cases are when it was left in for more than 12 hours..which is just unsanitary in the first place.

Answer #3

They only are bad for your health if you leave them in for more than 8 hours. It is recommended that you change your tampon, depending on your flow, a considerable amount of time prior to the 8 hour ‘safety’ mark. After 8 hours is up, your chance of getting toxic shock syndrome significantly increases.

So as long as you change the tampon perhaps every 4-6 hours, depending on your flow, you should be absolutely fine. =)

Answer #4

No, they’re not bad O.o As long as you change them regularly, meaning you change it every eight hours or less, you’re fine. Seriously though, change it regularly. Don’t like, leave one in all day. My friend forgot she had one in for 2 days. I threw up when she told me :( That’s the most disgusting thing I can think of, ever.

Answer #5

sometimes. it could cause bladder infections and yeast infections. and if the string rips its possible for u to need surgery to get it removed.

Answer #6

But there’s no where for it to really go, if the string rips. So why would you need surgery?

Answer #7

You don’t need surgery… Just one of those people to pull stuff out of there when it gets stuck… I don’t know what they’re called though lol

Answer #8

You could just reach in and pull it out though, couldn’t you? Or like, have a tampon baby XD

Answer #9

It’s easy to reach in, but sometimes really hard to grab and pull something out… But it’s possible lol… I had to do it one time and it took a long time lol

Answer #10

im not sure…. I would think no, not if they are used properly, but I knew a girl whos mother was a gynacologist and she refused to let her daugher use tampons. That always made me wonder if they werent so good for you.

Answer #11

uummm no do u want to bleed all over the fu*kin place?? and smell like fish all day. if anything its probly bad if u dont use one

Answer #12

i forgot to mention u could get tss toxic shock syndrome but its very rare but very serious if u do get it

Answer #13


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