Are spermicidal condoms bad ?

I heard that spermicidal condoms are bad for the female; her vagina can get an infection if more than one condom is used daily. Is that true ?

Answer #1

Condoms in general cause more infections whether you use them daily or not. Condoms, especially the spermicidal variety, increase the risk of urinary tract infections in women. In fact spermicidal condoms have not been shown to be more effective than condoms without spermicide. Some men and women find the latex in condoms irritating due to allergy, and spermicidal condoms can worsen the allergenic properties of the latex. For sensitive individuals, non-spermicidal polyurethane or natural skin condoms may be more acceptable. Natural skin condoms, however, are expensive and do not protect against disease, and polyurethane condoms are more likely to break.

xox Sika

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