Good ideas for structured toddler play time?

I was watching one of those nanny shows and she stressed the importance of having some structured play time every day with younger kids, where the child is given an activity, instead of just free time to play with toys. Her example on the show was play dough. My daughter is 19 months. I really want to start working this into our daily routine, but I need more ideas on inside activities than coloring and play dough.

Answer #1

Here are some ideas: singing, dancing, hide-n-seek, try and see if she can help you around the house (or just give her a simple chore ie: picking up her play toys), make jewelry (ie: bead neckleces), if you are ready to let her try and use glue and safety scissors maybe try making arts and crafts (ie: macaronni noodle stick people of your family) Hope these ideas help.

Answer #2

I would invest in some age appropriate Legos or building blocks. They might seem like a “boy” toy but they are GREAT for teaching colors and numbers, while having fun making new things.

Basic board games and interactive videos are also a lot of fun to do together. You can always steer clear of television if you would like, but I have found that “everything in moderation” builds a strong foundation for variety. :)

Never underestimate the power of fun books either. Also- if the weather and your living situation allows you can start a garden together, and work on it every other day or so. Even if you just have a tiny balcony and no real sun exposure (or too much) you can still find gardening kits to fit your needs. I bet that would be so fun!

Have fun and good luck!

Answer #3

have the kid have their own quiet time (for at least 15 minutes) for children about the age of 3-5 and at least 30 minutes for kids 6-10… let them be separated and do their own thing like read a book or lay on their bed quietly…not sleeping but jsut laying there

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