What's might be the best age for kids to start operating computer?

I know it may brings a good impact for their knowledge but it also causes a bad thing for their eyes. So let me know what you think :D

Answer #1

Well, honestly, I wouldn’t, I hate being on the computer as much as I am. I just have been on since I was little. Now, I’m on it everyday. It’s bad, I try to stay off but I can’t. If you let them on I’d say around 12+ but not let them constantly on it, and have some guidance on the computer.

Answer #2

I started my kids at age 3, was tryin to prepare them for school, they use computers in pre school where I am

Answer #3

I think as soon as possible. Parents can always restrict the amount of time they spend in front of it, but I do think that it is very necessary for kids to learn to work a computer from a young age, because everyone uses technology and computers these days.

Answer #4

Also, depending on what they need to do on it. If they need it for school, let them on. Put time restrictions on so they’re not on 24/7 Remove some sites that may be bad, such as youtube (can be used for bad stuff) myyearbook, etc.

Answer #5

I had a spare desktop computer so I set it up in my 5 year old bedroom. She uses it once in awhile but she prefer my desktop computer downstairs more because is too lonely in her room.

Answer #6

Well my Pop is always in front of the computer so I was learning how to use one around the age of 5. And it turned out good for me as I went on to independently do my assignments on it in primary school. It’s a great learning tool if you teach them how to use it right.

Answer #7

I think childern should have schedule i don’t think It’s a bad idea to use computers it makes them more intellegent.but parents should warn them and make them understand this is something so they can be SMARTER with…

Answer #8

I agree with everyone else here, around 12 or so is a good age, but monitor their time. You’re the parent, and you’re allowed to restrict their computer use.

Answer #9

I don’t think there is any minimum age. I think my daughter was playing baby games on our computers before 3. she was using the mouse and seeing how her actions caused things on the screen change. Kids today have the advantage that growing up with so much technology they are completely at ease with it.

I didn’t touch a computer until I was at college and touch is relative because my first computer experiences were on terminals connected to mini-computers and mainframes. I did use a video tape machine in high school but this was before VHS and Betamax and before you could get a camcorder that combined the camera and videotape recorder in a single unit.

For me every new technology required a paradigm shift but my daughter has never known a world without ubiquitous DVRs, computers, Internet, and hand held video games.

Answer #10

Well my mom put me on the computer at 2 years old with educational games..reader rabbit..jumpstart for each year ex.(1st,2nd)

Answer #11

My dad got me hooked on computers when I was 2 years old. The younger they are the easier technology of all sorts will be for them to use. Make sure there’s distance though! Technology is an easy addiction!

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