How ; baby sitting 3 and 4 year old... Help?

I need help. I have never babysat before. I think babysitting will be diffucult seeing as I really dislike being hit by plastic swords, being lead around the house, playing “thomas will attack your head” and I don’t know how nap-time will work.

I know how to make little snacks like mac n’ cheese! I also know how food works.

Here is more info on the boys I am sitting. Two brothers, one is about three, the other is five in april. They like thomas and sword fights. The little one likes to follow the big one and do what he says. They love to play pretend and hit each other with swords. One always gets hurt and I know how to deal with that.

So please help!

Thanks, velmarox

Answer #1

Be consistent!!! I was a preschool teacher for 3 years. If your wishy washy, say no and than say yes the next time, eventually they will listen to you less and less. If you are always watching them at the same times, set up a routine and stick to it. It will really make things easier. Even tho they seem to like the swords and all that stuff, boys like arts and crafts too! You can make a collage out of magazines, colored paper, get coloring sheets of dinosaurs, trucks or anything they might like cut out pieces and have them color them and than glue the pieces back together again on another piece of paper. Playdough, goo, waterplay those are all things they like to. While there taking a nap, set up a playstation on the table. One corner legos, another playdough, another corner coloring or puzzles, or books, than have them pick a station/area and play there. If they wanna switch to something else, make sure they cleanup there area first.

Answer #2

I hate kids, so of course I ended up volunteering at a place where they gave me kids to baby sit. Cartoons are great as long as the kid is above 3 or 4. Snack food is another must. Games are also great. I read them stories. Depending on the kids, sometimes I just let them play on their own.

Answer #3

Just try to implement a system of playtime, snacktime, and things like that. Have time outs for punishment and if they do not go along with a time out then take something away (like a tv or game system) and don’t give it back until they have served their entire time out. You will have to experiment to get it right but you’ll figure it out.

Answer #4

If they like to play-fight with swords, it might be a good idea to take them outside to play if you can, that way they can’t knock stuff over. I babysit a few kids that age and they love to build forts (use couch cushions), play knights, dragons, dinosaurs, NASCAR drivers, etc. Just make sure you lay out the rules in the beginning (like only hitting below the shoulders with the swords, no tackling, etc.) and you should be OK. Try to keep an open mind, you might even have fun :)

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