How do u apply liquid eyeliner to the bottom eyelid?

Answer #1

I recommend not trying that. I think liquid is best only for the top lid because then it can just get into your eye if you try bottom. Try a pencil or cream liner on the bottom lid instead. I promise it’ll work better and it’s easier

Answer #2

I use liquid eyeliner every single day, once you get the hang of it and learn how to properly apply it, itd extremely easy and quick and it looks flawless. Unline pencil eyeliner instead of putting it on the top of the bottom lash line, you apply it right below the lash line, that way it doesnt come in contact with your eyeball and it looks more smooth. Just practice, ive been doing it for years and it takes me seconds to put it on. Instead of trying to do it all in one swoop, do dashes instead connecting them that way your lashes dont get in the way.

Answer #3

agreed…you dont want that running all inside your eye…might cause an irritation & then get worse…better off with a pencil or cream liner…(personally I prefer the eye liner that doesnt need sharpening…so little pieces of the pencil doesnt get into your eye by accident…worth it to get the one that turns.)

Answer #4

You lightly “dab” with the brush…it looks like a line, but it’s really not…

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