How do you apply liquid eyeliner?

I am verrryyy bad at doing liquid eyeliner without getting it in my eye, looking like white trash (haha, too much), or making it look messy and crappy. I know you’re obviously not here to help me, haha, but anyone have any tips that help you make it look good? As many as possible, please!

Answer #1

Get rid of the liquid and try this. I take a slanted makeup brush (example ) and dip it in eye shadow. The powder kind. Place it under the eye and blot it on the whole lid. Works like a charm and never messes up!

Answer #2

line your lid in a reg. eye pencil first and then go over it with waterproof liquid eye liner. that should do the trick. oh and let it dry before opening your eye.

Answer #3

When starting try to stay focused on outlining your eyes,don’t let anyone distract you at all,look closely at what your doing and if you feel your getting nervous,take a little break and try it again but slowly so you won’t mess up.

Answer #4

Set your middle finger below your eye while you line it with your index finger and your thumb. This will keep your fingers steady so you don’t get it all over.

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