How do you apply eyeliner on your upper eyelid?

I’m getting mad that I can’t get the full look of eye liner because I can’t put eye liner on my upper eye lid… What should I do exactly? I mean like, what type of eyeliner should I use? , should I hold my lashes down or what to prevent that nasty little line? I need help badly

Answer #1


Eyeliner should be applied close to the base of the eyelashes. Apply the eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible. Else you are likely to land up with a ghost line or strip of skin between your liner and lash line. This takes away from the effect of fuller lashes.

As for what kind of eyeliner to use: For a classic eyeliner look, choose shades of dark brown, gray or black for the upper lid and softer shades such as tan, taupe, chestnut, soft brown, soft gray or soft black along the lower lashes. Liquid eyeliner is best applied only to the top lashes. You can opt for pencil eyeliner for the lower lids.

Answer #2

Go buy some liquid eyeliner and hold your eyelashes down and apply the eyeliner close to the base of the eyelashes-SIMPLE! Hope this helped hunni! x

Answer #3

from someone whos had both good & bad experiences with eyeliner listen up! if you want to va va voom look on your lashes to make them appear huge use a normal koal eyelines softly on the top eyelid just ontop of the eyelashes and then i suggest using a liquid eyeliner over this ( be warned though be sparse with liquid eyeliner cuz it can get very icky) just most of all keep practising & you will perfect the eyeliner look your going for. hope my advise is usefull :) xx

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