How to apply eyeliner on single eyelid?

Hello. Im an asian. And I have small eyes with single eyelid.. Do you know any website that contain videos of how to apply eyeliner? Or can you teach me how to apply on single eyelid?

Thank you!

Answer #1

Youtube it 1_~ youtube should have what your looking for just type in “how to apply eyeliner” or however you wish to type it & it should come up with videos on how to do it

Answer #2

There are some make-up tutorials for Asian eyes on youtube, I’ll grab you a link.The girl in the video’s make-up looks great and she does show the eyeliner part ~3 minutes into the video.

Answer #3

First, you have to use liquid eyeliner and start at the inside (toward your nose) and work your way to the other end, trying to stay as close to your lashes as you can without being on them. It takes some practice but once you get it, you won’t forget it. There should be videos on sites like Maybeline and Revlon.

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