What: Is that liquid eyeliner stick thing better than pencil???

My look is edgy/sceneish and I luv eyeliner, but I’ve been using pencil for a couple of years but I was wonderin if that liquid pencil thing is better. would I be able to apply it to my botton inner eyelid? I’ve seen people use it so I was wondering if I should change to liquid. thxxx

Answer #1

Liquid liner is amazing on your top lashes..try doing winged eyeliner! it looks fabulous! espicially for your style!..then put pencil on your waterline and then I take a dark black shadow with an angled brush and put it on my bottom lashes..it really defines your eyes =)

Answer #2

You can’t put liquid on your bottom eye-lid-, but you can put it underneath the bottom eyelashes. You can use felt-eyeliner for the bottom eyelid. Its not liquid, but not pencil. It looks like a felt marker and is really good because it doesn’t run, tear, or stain. You should use liquid for the top eyeliner though, its really good for that.

Answer #3

Once you master Liquid eye liner then it’ll look fabulous on your upper lid. Sometimes it takes awhile to get used to gliding it on in a straight line. But If you want to do top and bottom I would consider using a soft, soft pencil, and doing only the outter half your eye so it’s not over done.

Answer #4

I did not like the liquid eye liner pencil it went on way to thick, I’d either pick liquid or pencil but not a combination of the two.

Answer #5

try using liquid on the top but pencil on the bottom because you will get it in your eye if you use it on bottom and it hurts like everything(stinqs)…but be careful with the liquid, but ya try it

Answer #6

No, it doesn’t. Pencil and liquid eyeliner are both terrible, in my opinion. The only type I can use is the other kind, there. What’s it called? I can’t think right now. It’s like, clayish I guess. The twistable kind, you know?

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