How do you apply make-up for mono eyelids?

I am filipino and I do have asian eyes. But the only thing asian about it is single eye lids. How do I apply makeup? How do you apply liquid eyeliner?

Answer #1

I always find it flattering to apply liner to the upper lid just above the lashes and carry it out a little past the edge of the eye… and for the mono lid you should just apply a single colour… a shiny chamagne colour…check out “you tube” and search eye makeup…

Answer #2

well for your type of eyes I think if you did like 2 shades. like a base and do it a really light white or light blue then right above your eye lash do a very fine line with dark color of whutever you want like black or dark blue. I usually do that and I think it looks good on anyone. as for the liquid eyeliner apply it above your top eyelash probably before you add the dark eye shadow, and I usually get my makeup tips from youtube here is some of my fave people on there:

kandeejohnson vintageortacky panacea81

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