How to apply eyeliner?

How do you put on eyeliner really good? I have black eyeliner and this weird liquid eyelier that turns whatever color eyeshadow into eyeliner, but I don’t know how to apply it! Please help me! Thanks, Emma :)

Answer #1

close whatever eye you want to do first and pull the lid so it looks long and run an eyeliner pencil near your eyelash line but also on the lid and make a line and if you want to do flicks make the flick go up not down in my photo I have eyeliner on if you want to copy that sorry if it dosent really make sense x x

Answer #2

sometimes it’s easier to put it on a little bit at a time instead of doing what straight line and messing up and doing it over and over again.

Answer #3

I need to know how to put it on right. you know like in a straight line. I’ve tried a bunch of diffrent ways, but they all looked BAD!

Answer #4

Im not sure what kind of eyeliner it is that you have. If anything its like a regular eye liner pencil but with your eyeshadow colors.

Try experimenting and figuring out which ways to use it work best.

Answer #5

Just run it across your eyelid.

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