15 yr old girl

how are 15 yr old girls supposed to act?

Answer #1

however you want to act is perfect, there is no rule or no certain way of acting when you are 15. :)

Answer #2

yeah the way they feel like acting. whatever ya know?

Answer #3

They should act how they feel,nothing to mean or slutty,no offense to any girl. They shouldn’t act how people tell them to.

Answer #4

You shouldn’t feel you have to act a certain way although your seen as a young adult. I’m fifteen myself and find the best thing is to be respectable to my parents and teachers at school. But to be honest act how you want to act and like ‘redsummer’ said this will probably be perfect =) x

Answer #5

I am 15. and almost all 15 year old’s break the standard our parents have set..

the following things are found in EVERY SINGLE 15 year old girls life in one way or another.. I haven’t met one so far who doesn’t have these in their life (this doesn’t mean there doing it, it means they do or their friends do and they deal with it)

drugs sex cussing dressing “inappropriately” being a b*tch (when necessary) rebellion obsessed with socialization and trouble

Answer #6

so_this_is_love not true, SO NOT TRUE. I’m 17, almost 18. when you’re 15, drugs and sex and trouble and “innapropriatness” on the not so much side of being 15. swearing, boys(not sex, making out and sh*t and interpreting them), socialization and EXPERIMENTATION. YOU need to find who you are love, no one else. remember “be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”

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