5 yr. old just strted wetting the bed

What to do when my 5 year old is wetting the bed all of a sudden? If he goes to sleep at 8, when should I cut off the drinks???

Answer #1

I wouldn’t say its really uncommon but my mom said I started like wetting my pants and stuff when I got a bladder infection when I was little maybe try seeing if they have a bladder infection.

Answer #2

he mite be wetting the bed because somthing tramatic happened in his life..make sure hes ok I started wetting the bed when I was 6 because my brothers friend mulested me and my parents were getting a divorce but then some kids just drink too much for their tiny bladders

my thoughts **

Answer #3

my nephew did the same thing we took him to the doctor and somthing was wrong with his kidneys.

Answer #4


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