Can a 55 yr old babysit?

This is the first time I’m going to baby sit and I’m 55 years old…

Answer #1

Of course you can! Why not? It should be fun, maybe bring out your inner child! I’m in high school and trust me, it’s great to have an excuse to play with tinkertoys and play dough! And the kids are great.

Answer #2

I don’t see why not . have fun !

Answer #3

yeah… my grama is 67 and she babysits 3 kids.. but she looks really good for her age…

Answer #4

of course. if youre 55 then you should be a lot more mature too

Answer #5

Duh. There acually better because they have more expiriance:]

Answer #6

thank dear. any suggestions on how to make a 3 yr old occupied?

Answer #7

of course I

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