Fun things on the cumputer for a 4 yr old?

Well I have to watch my 4 yr old little sister again and she likes it when I download games I haave only watched her once witch was last night are there any games that I can download so we can have fun again today im in charge of her rite now please help me out like asap fast things to do in 5 hrs

Answer #1

free down loads for an hour on Big Fish games there is a place you click under games for younger kids too hope I helped

Answer #2

The kids I used to babysit LOVED It’s a site that has tons of games you can play, and it does not require you to download or install them.

Good luck.

Answer #3

disney channel and and noggin I think.or grandma is goood.theres a game called holloween bwling cats are sumthing and my little bro loves it.=]

Answer #4 is really good my 4 year old cousin adores it

Answer #5

I used to love…

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