How to explain the death of my 2 month old to my 2 yr old?

My two month old passed away August of this year and ocaisionally my two year old will ask me about his brother. I just dont know what to say

Answer #1

Thank you torikeene I will use the great and wise advice you gave me. With the holiday time around things are a little unsettle but doing just fine. My great husband is always her for me and we are working together to get through it.

Answer #2

Maybe you should make him understand that all life is a gift and that when life is over God receives us in heaven and has prepared special places for all of us. Remind him that one day he will see his brother again, and that he must wait and be patient until then. I am so sorry for your loss. No words can make it better. I hope you have someone to lean on, and if you don’t you can pm me

Answer #3

ummm id say maybe the lord gave him a free pass straight to heaven and hel have a good life and always bit with you?? I don’t know …but doing so explaining to such a young child must suck :(

Answer #4

um im so very sorry for the loss!!! I feel terrible!!! do what zelmar666 said. or say the angels were lonely but they now have his brother to keep them company forever and always. again god took your newborn for a reason and I am terribly sorry! :-(

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