is 34b big for a 14 yr old or small?

I have a twin sister and she has a problem with her boobs. they are 34b and she is 14. she thinks they are small but I think they are big. are they small for a 14 year old or big?

Answer #1

I am 13 and I am a 34b so yeah its ok my boyfriend thinks there perfect not to big or to small xx

Answer #2

I’m sixteen & still have 36B since 7th grade. :/

Answer #3

I think thats average,, im 14 and have a 32b,, my friends have 32b and 34b and 34b,, soo shes average

Answer #4

No I dont think it is big for a 14 year old girl. In my case I am almost turning 14 and I wear a 38C or a 42D. It all depends on how fast you grow, in my case I got my period when was about 9 or close to 10. People are different and that comes with a cost!?!?!?!?! Lynndsey 13 Baltimore, MD

Answer #5

Im a 34b and im 14. theres a lot of people in my grade who have waaayy bigger boobs than me lol

Answer #6

Thats fine, average. there not small ell her to have moe confidence within herself

Answer #7

Well when I was 14 I was already almost a D. Smost of my friends were the same (around the B size) It depends on when she startd her period and how she went thrugh peuberty. Everyone is different.

Answer #8

no she is average a guy told me too much is a waste, im 14 and im a 34b and he has that it was just enough, he said a handful is all you need

Answer #9

If you are “twins” aren’t your boobs the same size as hers? how do you feel about yours?

Answer #10

I think it’s a good size at 14

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