15 months old but wants to eat only semi-solid foods?

My son is 15 months old but wants to eat only semi-solid foods. He gags at anything solid given at any time - no matter however hungry he is. I have tried a variety of foods from veggies. to fruits, cereals, pulses in different Flavors and textures. But in Vain. He has no problems as such .How do I teach him. Please help.

Answer #1

is he off of your milk?If thats still his main food source, than I would give it a little more time, I was a really stubborn baby. just start replacing your milk with solid foods. And if he is off, you might want to wait a month, than if all your attempts still fail I would say go see some sort of baby doctor and have your boy checked out.

Answer #2

There isn’t anything wrong with eating semi solids at 15 months. He probably isn’t comfortable with solids b/c he doesn’t have enough teeth. It is hard for him to mush it up in his mouth. When I was transitioning my daughter to solids, it took a while. Be patient and continue to experiment with different foods. As long as he is eating something healthy… you are doing your job.

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