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Where I can download a Virtual Piano Software?

Where I can download a Virtual Piano Software?

A virtual Piano that shows the note, displays what to press on your pc keyboard. Just like Synthesis.


How do I erase text messages on LG enV3?

internal keyboard of phone does not work at all and inbox is 100% full


How do I get my computer to delete pictures without a right click botton on my mouse?.

.. How do I delete pics on my computer using my keyboard?



Sorry for the dodgy question but I LOVE smileys!!! So everyone answer with your favourite smiley. Preferably a keyboard one . . .

Mine is xD or = >


How can I make the words on my computer bigger again?

I just hit a button on the keyboard, with my legs, and now everything is SUPER TINY. Please help :( ?


What is a decent program to use to mix my own music?

Know any good computer programs where i can make my own techno mixs and such by hooking up my electronic keyboard to the computer...not too expensive...


AT&T Tilt or Pantech Duo?

Which one is better the AT&T Tilt or the Pantech Duo? Can you tell me about them?? I love texting. Do you have a preference in keyboards?? Please respond a.s.a.p. thanks [=


How to fix every time I press a it makes Ç how do I fix?

My computer makes a Ç every time I press a on the keyboard it is frustrating because I have to copy paste when I want a can anyone help me


What are the typical ports on a computer?

what s the typical deice of mcrophone port, line in,line out ,vga port,seral port, usb port, ps2 keyboard, ps2 mouse LAN port, printe port and game port


Who doesn't have this problem with iPod touch?

I always put the wrong because my fingers are too big for the small keyboard on the iPod? Have you ever had this problem tell me please thank you.

7 views NSFW

How much will it cost to repair the hinge on the back of my laptop?

Like an estimate amount. It's still working but the plastic hinge on the bottom of the screen broke off the keyboard.


Touch screen Computer ( Cool?)

think about what if they made a touch screen computer. all you would need is a keyboard. no mouse needed cause it touch screen. I think that would be freaking GREAT!!!. who else think this would be a nice idea


Which is better? Sidekick LX or T-mobile Wing?

I want a new phone kay.
I have t-mobile.
and I want the the Sidekick LX.
but then I saw the T-mobile Wing.
they both have keyboards. but the wing has a touch but the sidekick looks cooler. which should I get?


Who can help me with my phone issue?

I have a Blackberry Storm...I HATE it right now because it constantly messes up. Always freezing and what not. I need a new phone!!! Im under verizons I need a new phone under them. I would love to stay with a blackberry, cause it has the...


small letters and pics

I was on the computer one day and my son ran up and started hitting the keyboard and all of a sudden the letters or words and pictures were all really small. How do I make them bigger again?


What is the best media center out there right now?

I use XBMC loaded on Ubuntu, and before that I had a windows media center that I hated. On my media center, there is no keyboard or mouse, and it is controlled by a remote, smart phone, or through the web.


Att texting phone

I need a really good texting phone. I had the pantech duo but I felt that some times the screan laged a bit . I don't know but I need one with a full keyboard !!


What's wrong with my laptop?

So, I'm an idiot, and spilled milk on the keyboard of my laptop.
I drained the majority of it (I believe), but now it wil only turn on for about 3 seconds before shutting itself off? Is there any way to fix this?


How do I make the computer screen go back to its original size?

I clicked a couple random keys on the keyboard accidently and the words, pictures, everything on my screen has shruck a little. How do i make it go back??


How can you get the qwerty keybord to pop up on your computer screen?

My laptops qwerty keyboard stoped working and everything else works I jusr need to know how to make that come up with out typing something in.


How do I get my start menu back to normal?

I think I clicked something weird on my keyboard or something and somehow the start menu went to to the left. when I tried to get it back to normal, I just pressed random things and I got it to the top. how do I get it all back to the bottom!?


How can i make yahoo! writing bigger?

I pressed something which i don't know what it was on the keyboard which made the writing really small and i can't even see which emails are unread and which aren't. Do you know how to make it normal again?? (On yahoo where the inbox is)
thx :) x


Type blinker

This is similar to the No Keyboard Scrolling question I had but this time,I have proof of what I am talking about,look at the photos I put up that has the arrows pointing at it.

How do I get the type blinker from appearing everywhere I click my mouse,...


which is better: HTC Touch or Mogul?

which is better the touch by htc or the mogul by htc for sprint? because I am getting a new phone and I like those the most but im debating between the two I like the mogul for the keyboard cause I text a lot but I like the touch for the touch screen s...


making face texting