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How do I get my Blogger header image to be middle aligned?

I have recently started a blog, I have managed to get everything sorted but I have a picture/banner as my title but it is aligned to the left.

I have tried looking things up on how to get it to be aligned in the middle but all that HTML confuses m...


How come my ipod touch is taking so long to load Google?

Okay, I have been upset for a while becasue when I got an ipod touch for Christmas, I was never aware you had to have a router, we don't have a router now, but I think my wifi is coming from my computer, and it has the whole wifi symbol at the top but...


Why wont my laptop charge?

Ok so I have a MacBook Pro and for some reason when I plug the charger in, the color dot on it only turns a dim green and when I click on the battery symbol in the top right corner it says "battery is not charging" why is this? the other side is plugge...


LG Voyager Texting NIghtmare!

when im texting with the internal keyboard, its constantly finishing things for me, for exhample if I try to type quotations, ", I will get "o or (I instead of ( and several other symbol only oddities that are quite frankly making me really mad! how ...


Keyboard trouble> help!

Everytime I press the period on my computer the little arrow comes up as if im hitting shift but I"m not> when I press any number on my keyboard the symbol comes up> for ex if I press four the dollar sign comes up> help my computers acting like I"m pre...


How do I download limewire succesfully?

I tried downloading limewire and it just wont load up for me! I get to the opening screen (the screen with the lime and the version number). Then it says at the bottom" loading html". But it takes me back to some options screen, but theres no way to fi...


Whats wrong with my memory card?

It's a micro SD card that goes into my phone and Like I don't know what happened but all of a sudden it just stopped playing my music and it's glitching b/c it happened before but I fixed it by simply turning off my phone but now even that won't work a...


How to Customize My Flash Template & Non-Flash

How to Customize My Flash Template from Template MOnster?
1. How to Customize My Flash Template from Template MOnster?

2. How Do I change page in my template? Like When I press Page 2, Image and text (page2 contents) will replace page one but not the ...


Is there another website like

I cant really get a domain name because I don't have a job or money yet (I'm 14). I like it because it lets me make a coverup url or something like that and because its free and some other stuff I cant remember right now. But I don't like how it adds i...


Is anyone VERY knowledgeable about youtube? I could use some help please.

I want to change my youtube screen name without closing the account and opening a new one and here's why: I'm experienceing copyright violaton issues for a "cover song" I recorded. I gave credit in the video, and there are 100's of others playing the s...


What did my two-year-olds do to my computer?

my wife and I were watching a movie last night and I heard my two year old twins messing with my computer period
by the time I came over to see what was going on they had somehow made it that I cant use punctuation the shift key does not work numb...


Putting a Video on a website

When I click on a video on line, it starts playing immediately...even if the video plays for an hour or two. It'll do that about everywhere I go on line... except my web site.

When I upload a video to my website, that plays for only 15 minutes, ...


How do you take a video off a DVD, and burn it to another (blank) DVD on a mac?

My mother is a pianist and recently played in a performance somewhere, the man who hosted it had a video camera and made it into DVDs, one of which he gave to my mother. She wants to make copies of the DVD and I have tried a thousand times to do it but...


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