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Insert heart shape mac

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How do I get the sound clicking back on my mac laptop?

The actual sound is working, it's just that when I push the sound up and down buttons they have stopped making that clicky noise. How do I get the noise back?


Who knows how to do make this heart (♥)bigger?

the heart thing ♥
does anyone know who to make it like its a BIG heart,lol.
I have tried using the text stuff but it wont work :[


How do you make those hearts while using the keyboard?

How do you make those hearts while using the keyboard
someone told me you are supposed 2 hold down ctrl and then 3 then let go of the ctrl but I dn't see nthn. but 3's


Can you share mac Keynote presentations with people who don't have

I want to be able to share Keynote presentations with others on their computers (mac or non mac, iwork or no iwork), or upload the presentations online, not just create and view them on my own mac computer...

78 views NSFW

What(if any)are thenames of the virus protection software for macs?

So my computers have been going extremely slow,and we think its a virus. So I was wondering if there was any type of virus protection software stuff or what ever its called. Thanks (:


Instant messaging for a Mac

Is messenger for mac better or is aduim better?

I'm using messenger for mac now but I'm not too happy with it because sometimes I can't see my friend's display pictures and I can't send nudges or use the webcam. Any idea why this is so?


How to put a love heart next to your name on msn?

Hi, I was just wondering how to put a love heart etc to ure msn name. Cause al my fwnds doit but want tel me how. And I real want to put 2 love hearts to my name


Mac computer helppp

My mac computer is repeating every letter I type and every button I press I did not set it this way and I dont know how to change it.. Can someone tell me how please!!!


How do I fix my zoom on my Mac?

on my macbook when I try to zoom in it doesnt zoom in the entire screen but a little like box appears, this makes the use of my mac quite hard and annoying. any ideas how to fix it?


Who knows how to work with macs?

I have randomly lost the ability to drag stuff (like click and move things). I cannot figure out what I did. Does anyone know what to do with the trackpad to fix this?


How to choose a hard drive to boot from on a mac

I have a mac with 2 internal hard drives, I have been using one for the operating system and the other one for extra storage. My question is I installed a newer os on the second hard drive, so how do I select that one to boot from?


Screensavers download for a Mac

Any sites where I can download movie screensavers that are mac friendly? I've tried downloading but some just doesn't work and I can't seem to find too many that are suitable for apple computers. I need help! Thanks.


Charger on a Mac?

Is it good to let your mac book charge all the time.?
I have a Mac..and when im using it at home I keep it on the charger.. even when its at 60%. Is that bad for the battery?

Also how long does the battery normally last?


Mac or PC?

What kind of computer should I get?

I mostly surf the web and deal with email. I don't play games or anything like that. I sometimes have to write papers as well.


How do you restore deleted history on a Mac?

I guess it's also a question of CAN you do it, but if anyone knows how to restore the history already deleted can you please tell me? :) Also, is there a way to make a password to GET to the history, so that it can't be deleted unless you use the passw...


How can I insert a video from a video cam to microsoft movie maker?

I am doing a video project with my classmates about Hamlet. One of them will be video taping them.(not me cause I will be working with the videos) But I'm worried that if we try to put the video in microsoft movie maker, it won't accept the video. But ...


How can I get my MAC camera to record with sound again?

A few months ago I noticed that my MAC camera on my laptop will record videos as well as take pictures but it does not have any sound? Is there a way to troubleshoot or like re-install the sound maybe?


What: Is there a video making programme compatible with a Mac?

So is there? I already know about iMovie but I CAN NOT stand it as it is the most irritating programme ever. I'm specifically looking for a free programme that is similar to Windows Movie Maker and is compatible with an Apple Mac. Help? ^_^


How do you insert a tiny disk into computer?

I have a newer but used computer and where you would insert a disk...It's hard to explain but like you can't put the disk "face up" instead of the disk laying flat, it's standing up and everytime i tried to insert the disk, it would fall out before it...


Mac webmail?

Is Macintosh really releasing a new email program? I heard someone at work talking about .mac webmail coming out, but my Mac buddy didn't have a clue. Why is this a big deal? Why doesn't IBM have their own .ibm or Unix a .uni?


Why cant I download skype on my mac ?

Why cant I donwload skype onto my mac it keeps sayin mounting failed in the middle of my donwload. I've checked my system and ol I have version 10.5.8 so it shud work but it dont.. Help!


What's wrong with my mac, it won't turn back on?

When I close my mac it turns off completely. It also won't turn back on, I have to take the power cord out, take the battery out, then hold the power button for a couple seconds, put the battery back in and then it will turn on. It didn't use to turn o...


Who knows of a good MP3 player that works for Macs?

I am in complete and utter need of portable music!
I want an MP3 thats under $50.
Pleaseee, must work with Macs.
and no Ipods or ipod shuffles!
can be sorta ugly, doesnt matter.


Are there any free programs I can download for Mac that will be able to mix audio with video?

iMovie isn't letting me drag vlc videos over... I want to be able to have like video game play or other stuff like that and still be able to talk over it. Like a commentary for youtube...


Which is better, Mac or HP?

I am looking for a good student computer to home school on. It needs to be fast and able to run a lot of programs at the same time. I'd also like it to have longevity, and not virus prone.


skype mounting failed