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Cute email ideas

Hi I really need help for a cute email I like soccer the beach I have green eyes if thats any help please help ill take other just something thats fun and cute!thanks

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Need some good screen name ideas

hey what are some good sn ideas? im fun I love the beach I have blue yea

oh and I love to have my music =P

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Need help making name for invention.

I am inventing a safety globe that gooes over a sparkler for fourth of july for kids for fun. It will be plastic and light up but what shoud I call it?
What names do people think?


Getting internet on your PSP.

okay, heres what I know so far.
go to "network settings"
go to "infrastructure mode"
but after that I can't do anything, I have a connection, "connection 1" is the default I believe, but when I click on it, I can only edit the name, if I go to...


why cant my account log me in?

I am just wonderung why mokks cannot log in to fun advice?when I try to log in ,a message reads I should type my password and accont correctly.I have been participating oftenly and I just cant understand what happened.Does this occur?


How do I put my LG Xenon on silent mode?

I have looked in the manual and can't find it. I have also tried the # and * keys. There must be some sort of shortcut so you don't have to go into the settings and try to turn it off there. Does anyone have this phone and the answer for me?


I need a Aim name

I need suggestions for a Aim Name is Marvel, I like sports and shoes Lol im 16 I run track I love girls lmao I like to have fun and Im fly LOl I need help PLease!!!


What is the best program to create an animated movie?

I've created a storyboard, with awesome characters :P.. I've used flash before.. isnt that fun! What else could I use? It's only going to be a 2 min animated movie ..


Spelling Format?

Hi everyone out there in "Fun" land! Good to be here. So very refreshing if you know what I mean (compared to that other site).I wanted to be Sweet L but was not allowed it. Any way I can change it?Thanks. I know, picky picky. :)


What are some fun/interesting/cool apps for iTouch/iPhone?

Okay so I brought that ipod touch I was talking about haha. Impulse buyer.

Anybody got some cool fun apps they'd like to share the name and function of?


Yahoo mail frustration, they shouldn't be linking my name

So yahoo mail has these clever "smart tips" they like to auto hyperlink based on words in your email now. However, my last name (Goodrich) is incredibly common, and a fortune 500 company (Goodrich Corp). I'm royally irritated that they now have a pop u...


How do you get to the about screen on Itunes?

The menu screen where you can choose to sync manually.
My computer won't let me get past the 'welcome to your new Ipod' screen. I don't have a credit card or anything so it won't let me complete the sign-up either. What can I do?


What's this Webkinz error about?

I keep getting this error message "Oope, I'm sorry. We cannot connect to Webkinz World. Please try back later for more fun and games. You are now being logged out"...any ideas what the issue could be?


Lexmark printer to a Dell computer

I know how to connect the printer to the computer, but I don't know how to make it work. I don't have a manual or a disc. The printer goes to my old emachine computer. We bought a Dell computer without a printer. I found how to connect other Lexmark pr...


Where are some good website builders?

I'm trying to make a website, but I can't find any places to make it. I don't want to pay for it or anything. I just want a website to put up my stories, and say things about it.

I'm putting them up on quizilla, but I thought it would be fun to have...


What would it be like if the internet wasn't invented?

What would it be like if the internet wasn't invented?
Would we be writing our information down manually? or, read books for research? Also, imagine if we didn't have computers. Then we'd be stuck right?
This is a random question I thought of.


What is the best amateur video editing program?

I wanna begin making music videos.
And is this really hard???, because I just want to do it for fun. And im lonely during summer time. So im gonna need something to past the time

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Tweeted out

I recently joined twitter, can anyone tell me if there is anything interesting I could follow. So far its boring and I dont c the point but I would like to follow something funny or weird something fun


Do something use electricity...

when it's plugged into the wall, but not plugged into anything else, like a phone charger or computer charger. Does it still use energy even though its not in use? My guess would be no...the bill is higher though so I thought I would ask just for fun.


What is the best ecommerce credit card processor other than PayPal?

I am trying to find a company to handle the shopping cart feature of my website but I hate paypal. Send me only sites that you have used and also has a auto responder. Thanks


Virtual Worlds

hey guys...I wanted to ask dont you know any virtual world websites to go to? you know...dress your own person, make a profile, go to the mall or park, VIRTUALLY!plzz I need to have fun this vacation!! because our vacation is in 2 days!!!


How to resize a window on launch?

There has got to be an easy answer to this. When I have several windows open at once I sometimes one at a different size. Then later on when I launch a new window it opens at that odd size and I have to manually resize it. Typically I like my window t...


What are some really nice effects I can use on GIMP?

I've recently gotten into changing photos, nothing really complicated, just for fun. I only use GIMP. I was just wondering if anyone knew some cool effects I could do.

So far I've only done selective colouring. :]
Thank you.


What are any gud sites dos any 1 no?

Im kinda gettin bored of doin d same stuff online all the time dos any 1 no of any sites I cud log on 2 for a bit of fun are just 2 browes around on ples help thanks!!!


How I can create my own Art site?

I Guess I am not allowed to post a link on here but it would be a nice to show everyone how this artist created her own Art Site?
'Fun Mail me'

I was just curious how I can create an art site with my own design layout . Maybe Free?? A SaFe Web Maki...


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