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usb flashdrive help

can you download a movie to a usb flashdrive from the computer and use it on an xbox 360?


How to I find out my IP address?

How I get Ip address through command


Is it bad to use your computer while its raining?

To use your computer while its raining..
Even if it isnt thundering??
Does that include internet?


Cell phones

I know that if you get a sidekick you have to pay the 25 dollars a month for the plan. But my cousin told me that if you have a sidekick without the plan It just wouldn't have text messaging and internet, but if I had text messaging on my regular phon...


Why Are Nerds Addicted To The Internet?

I mean I get on it every now and then when Im bored, but I'll see people for like ever!! Why dont they get off and go to sleep?? Why is it so addicting??

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does anyone know how to transpose photos?

I want to take a photo of two people and transpose my face onto one of their faces. Does anyone know how to do this and make it look a little realistic?


Cookies in Computers

Hi, I'm trying to do an answer for an ECDL class I'm doing. They ask what is a cookie (in computers) I just do not understand they answers I'm getting.
Can anyone explain it in basic language?
I know its something to do with the web page sending inf...


What websites for free electronics?

Is there any website out there that you can get free electronics, and stuff like games without having to do surveys and polls?

I only know this website name lockerz, it is an invitational site only if you want I can invite you.
All you need to do is s...


Ipod nano switch?

I just got my iPod nano in purple and I LOVE it!!! how do I turn it off or do I just let it bee?

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How to check text messages on my fiance's phone?

Is there any way to recover the actual message that is sent in a text message? I am getting ready to get married and I think my fiance is messing around on me b/c I am seeing tons of text messages to a certain person that we have had issues w/ before....


How can I recover my old account from skype?

How can I recover my old account from skype I close skype but then when I get in again I couldnt take the name that I had and I lost my contacts for example: I was jimmy2 but then when I tried to get in skype toldme that this name was already taken but...


My ipod nano won't come on

When I connect it to the computer and go to itunes and do some stuff it says ok to disconnect them I disconnect and it wont come on.also while its connected I can listen 2 music and all that kind of stuff.


How do I fix my "disk error occurred, CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart" problem, windows 7?

. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! i need to desperate help!!!!?? everytime i turn on my windows 7 laptop, it comes up with A disk read error occurred CTRL + ALT + DEL to restart. I do what it says and everytime it comes up with the same thing? i dont know all t...


What is the newest & best laptop TO BUY?

I want to buy a laptop(for girls) that has many facalities and has good looking ...
What do you recommend me to get ?


Why I cant downland Limewire on my computer?

I have tried it like 3 or 4 times it still doesn't downland it..


Porno on mii computer?!?!?! sites keep popping up on my computer! :(
How do I make it stop?! >_<


Anybody have the i465 from Boost Mobile?

Okay, so I've got this i465 "Motorola Clutch" from boost mobile. and im actually pretty confused about it.
If anybody has one, Do you like it?
And where can I get a phone cover for one, bc I want one, and nobody has any around here..
thank you


Why do people download illegal software?

why cant they buy the real version of it where its safe and secure and no viruses


How do I get a nerd out of my ipod hole?

I got a nerd (it's a small beadlike piece of candy) in the headphones hole on my ipod! I stuck in a little needlelike thing to try and retrive it but it just cracked the nerd and shoved it up further! This is horrible, can anyone help?!?!?! Thanks soo...

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How do I create a link that will open up in a new tab when clicked?

I am not sure how to go about making my links take people to a new tab, instead of the links just redirecting them in the same page.


Where i can save the pictures of my computer if my computer crash?

My computer is old and if it something happens to it where i can save my pictures to put it in another computer.


Can I sync iPod Touch songs to my PS3?

I just got an iPod Touch on sunday.
When I was trying to sync songs I had on my iPod to my PS3, it doesn't work. This is what I did...

1. Plugged my charger part of my cable into my ipod, and the usb part of my cable into the front usb ports on my PS3...


Why can't I hear anything after reinstalling XP?

Okay my computer was running slow so my partner told me to re-install Windows XP and he'll show me how to speed it worked but now i cant here any sound when music is being played. This happed once before but i managed to sort it out; but this t...


What is the best media center out there right now?

I use XBMC loaded on Ubuntu, and before that I had a windows media center that I hated. On my media center, there is no keyboard or mouse, and it is controlled by a remote, smart phone, or through the web.


vivian dsena wedding photos

Hey plz suggest me some wallpapers sites,where i can get vivian dsena wedding photos ??


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