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How to fix computer errors

how to fix all erros on mi computer for free is regcure free


Where to download a type program for Mac?

Where can I download a type and program for free online for a mac


Should I get a Mac?

Okay so I'm gonna go to college this fall and I'm gonna get a new laptop from my parents because this one is beat-up, slow and old :P
Right now I just have this MSI laptop with Windows on it. But I was wondering..should I get a MAC? I heard the system...


Who is your favorite youtube user?

Im bored...

Who is your favorite youtube user?

Mine is either eddsworld or trancedevotee...


download girly cursors for mac

Where can I download girly cursors (eg. pink/hello kitty) for mac?

74 views NSFW

Can you put a password lock on text messages on the iPHONE?

Is there anyway?
I hate when people read my texts.


how to put vids on my iPod

how do I put videos and movies on my iPod touch

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How do I check my pic that was sent to my phone useing my cricket

I cannt check my pic sent to my phone I have a code number and its not working


help me find funny stuff on youtube

help me find funny stuff on youtube


How do I change my internet browser default

I downloaded mozzila firefox because its faster then internet explorer, but it wont let me do certin things- EG- access parts of this sight. how do I change my default browser to Internet explorer?


How do I remove a virus on my computer and it has a black screen?

I have tried to remove the virus from my computer and I am not able to do so because it won't even allow me to pull up the start menu. I mean in safe mode,or even after I disconneted my internet modem. It is aweful! I need my computer! Help me 911!ASAP...


Why is my ipod touch not working?

My 8gb 2nd gen ipod touch worked great until today. The screen is extremely dim, it will flicker lighter and darker then turn off. Then the screen wont even turn on for anothe ten minutes. And I cant touch slide anything.


habbo retro

do you no any habbo retro that work tell me if you do but please non hamich

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Why won't my computer "disc holder" eject?

I know thats not the most tech answer but I need to put some of my iTunes songs onto a cd and whenever I try to open up the disc thing it makes a grinding sound. So its probably jammed but is there anyway to fix it?


How to make the middle section of my Myspace black?

OK, Please please help me.
You know the middle section of your profile.
How its all white in the middle. Like the about me,who id like to meet area?
Im tryna chnage the color to all black because I see a lot of people have there layouts like that.



Can you use a Sidekick without TMobile?

I just got a sidekick but I live in Canada can I set it up with a different provider than t-mobile???


How do I take my Xbox account off of my friend's Xbox when he lives a state away?

I dated this guy, and let him use my account when he ran out of live. Well he moved, and we just broke up, and when we talk to each other, we always get in a fight. So there's no option of going to his house and doing it myself. And I know if I ask him...


How long does it take to get REALLY quick at touch typing?

How long does it take to get REALLY quick at touch typing?

Eg. hours, days, weeks, months???


What movie is blah blah blah im a dirty tramp?

What movie is blah blah blah im a dirty tramp?

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Send to verizon

I make my own rigntones for my phone but I cant send them tomy phone anymore.

Vztext doesnt work, or whatever it was.
So how do you do it now?


Change or modify my aol. Email address not creating another one?

How can I modify or change my email aol email address /screen name? I don't want to create another one...


How can I get texting back if my parents blocked it?

How can I get texting back if my parents blocked my texting?


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