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How do i put music or pictures in my Nokia E63?

.....when i conect the usb and open the nokia file there are no files within iit for example music and picture files, its all blank and dosent let me drop no files in it.


How to get sound on my laptop?

my laptop is an
"acer travelmate 4280"
I have no sound on it what so ever. all the volume is turned up and I can't see any problems when I scan it.
apparently I need a sound card but I can't afford to buy it.
does anyone know where I can get one for f...


What makes a smart TV just turn on by itself in the middle of the night?

This has been happening lately, day or night. It is not connected to the internet and actually is only used a few minutes a day.

We came home a couple times and it was on..........once we were having dinner in the kitchen and the TV in the living ro...


txting overload!!

ok, well I like txt 2 much and smtimes my friends get annoyed when I'm around them when I have my phone and they start to act like I'm a bad friend and stuff when I'm not. no matter where I go I have my phone and I constantly txt I never talk. I just n...


My new Spore CD is scratched, what do I do?

ok so I got spore yester day the 70$ verson and it toke me an houre of cleaning the CD putting it in cleang the CD putting it in and it finaly worked and layter I see a bunch of scratches on the CD and im very carefull with my CD and the next day (toda...


viruses threat

How to protect my computer from virus and what's the best way to secure my personal stuff and privacy


What is

Is bearshare a pay program or is it free like limewire or bittorrent? I hate to get near P2P networking until someone else tells me it is an okay service. Can I trust bearshare?


Myspace code for moving words in a line

Does anyone know what the code is for moving pictures or words in a line? I need help asap.


Can .ogg files run on a non-linux system?

Can .ogg files run on a non-linux system?


Mail on a mac???

Does mail on a macbook work with live???


How can I get my Myspace password back?

how can I get my myspace password back?


Transferring files from one computer to a laptop

How do I transfer all the stuff I have on my big computer to my laptop,I have a USB cord already connected,help me out please.


How to download ringtones to my Sidekick LX?

I recently got a sidekick lx, is there anyway I can download my own ringtones?


how to start a on line life?

how do you start a life on line? like avertual life and become famous? wiht it ?


What is the best web browser in your opinion?

I've been using Mozilla Firefox for the longest and it is just not working for me anymore. At first it seems really good (that explained why I was using it for so long) but lately, it's just been freezing on me or like it appears to be loading but it's...


Photos received

Someone has sent me photos how do I access them


How to unlock my computer if I forgot the password?

I unlock my computer if I forgot the password?


ebuddy msn stuff like that

is there another interenet acces thing I can go on that is like ebuddy and msn that I dont have to download or anything because I cant download anythin and msn isnt working and ebuddy wont let me go on web cam and I want to go on webcam so is there any...

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has anyone had the new LG Vu for AT&T?

has anyone had the new LG Vu for AT&T? If so do you like and are there any like downfalls? and does it have a full qwerty touch screen key board?


How to put video on my Samsung MP3 player?

Ok well Im trying to put videos on my samsung mp3 its not a phone its a mp3 anyway I need to now what type to use like mpe,mpg,mp4, and more. I already have some mpg on there and they work but when I download something on there sometimes it says it doe...


Will my text messages transfer to new phone?

Okay,so I'm getting a phone replacement tommrow..and I've had old text messages I need on my old you think Verizon can transfer text messages to my new phone? HELP!


How to change my aim icon?

Allright so heres the story
A little while ago I got the dumbest icon everr
I need to change it so badlyy
Please tell me step by step instructions on how to change it .or not have one at all


How to get more gold on Gaia?

how do I get more gold on gaiaonline

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How come my built in HP speakers aren't working?

I have the volume up all the way and I made sure the cables we're plugged in all the way, and they still don't work?


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