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How to survive a breakup

Getting over someone is hard. You've been dumped and the world is about to come to an end. Shorten the process and move on with your life with this free guide from Funadvice.


How to hack into a cheater's e-mail?

how to hack a cheater's email to get his yahoo password? Pls help!!! a heart broken wife needs the evidence.


How can I find cute stuff for my AIM profile?

Does anyone no where to get really good cute sayings for aim profiles and fun stuff to put in it like little hearts and stuff? please let me no thanks!

195 views NSFW

Decorating pictures online

Ok so I have tons of pic on my laptop and I was wondering like how can I decorate them like putting hearts and the word love on a pic of me and my man or putting funny stuff or boarders..thanks for the advice


How do you type different symbols?

Hi how do you type symbols like stars hearts and all that. Because im gonna write on my other file in another website about my cat because it died an hour ago :( and on my profile it asks you if you have pets :(


Symbol Works on YM 9 beta but not on YM 9 final release! Why???

How do you put heart symbol on yoru YM 9.0 status?
Before on my YM 9.0 beta it works but when I update it

and when I put ♥ symbol it become like this "like a squre"

ALT+3 or anymuber works ON:

YM 9 beta

Doesnt work ON:

YM 9 final re...


Why won't my iTouch connect to the internet?

It just randomly disconnected from my router and when I try to reconnect it it says I'm entering the wrong WEP Key...I know the WEP key by heart and I even checked the router for good measure and I'm typing in exactly what is on the router. I've tried ...


What phone should I choose and buy?

Hi there!
Im thinking of what phone to choose and buy. Its between
Samsung G600 and Nokia N95
Soo? Wich one is better? Wich one should I choose?
Oh and one more think,I asked in one shop in my town, is there any Nokia N95 but pink one (does it exis...


What MacBook Should I Buy?

So recently I have gotten 3 offers for University that are unconditional so I know I'm going there in September, it's just to choose what school...

But now I KNOW that I NEED a laptop. & my heart is set on a MacBook. Both my parents are IT's and recom...


How can I satisfy signing up with Google?

Itried about twenty times to sign up with"GOOGLE" and site kept "kicking out e-name di not match with the pass word ?? What is it they want? I finally 'just gave up!! AT&T e-mail site is "like writing on "WHITE WALL", 'BLAH' Yahoo is very good ,but ...


How can I download my graphic cards again on Windows XP without having any problems?

Well I play down-loadable games like Feral Heart. and I've tried to play it the other day and experienced black areas, and I knew my graphic cards were bad or something...and my hard drive is specifically new.
Anyways, I took advice like I did before,...


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