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ok i havent had it for that long and i dont go on allot but if people tag you in a pic dosent it show up on your wall? like my sister tagged me in a pic and i look horribleee hahaha can i just delete it off my wall..?

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yes there is a little pencil in the corner click that and say remove from wall and im sure u look fine

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kk thanks and noo... hahaha i look bad i hate taken pictures hahaha like it looks like my eyes are closed XD and my sis has another picture and like my mouths all open cause i was laughing and everyone else is smiling hahaha im like woww

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You can also untag yourself by clicking on the photo and pressing "remove tag" or something like that because even if you delete it from your wall it will still be in your tagged photos.

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ooh i see what you mean thank you

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i think imma just let it be thou haha im pretty insecure sometimes and i just wanna try to think better of myself even if i suck at taking pictures

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