What sim card does a locked motorola razr v take?

I bought a Motorola Razr V and it might seem silly but i have no idea what sim card it takes, It's locked, i just don't know if they make Motorola sim cards or a different one? i'm a Vodafone customer and have never switched so i'm clueless!

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Did you bought your Motorola Razr v as a second hand? If so, contact that previous owner to know that which sim he/she used previously? Because, that's necessary to unlock your Motorola from the locked network. After knowing your service provider, you need to unlock it from them/from any of the online service providers like Mobile-unlocker.com who provides unlock code in online . After unlocking your Motorola, you can use it with Vodafone and any other GSM networks .

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Motorola razr v locked indicates that your phone is locked with your carrier . You need to unlock it from them by using unlock code . You can get it from any of the online vendors like http://www.mobileunlocksolutions.com/motorola-razr-v/rs16wp9/ to unlock it .

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