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What are some fun websites?

hey, what are some fun websites to go to when you bored at skoo, keeping in mind a social site/a social site/addictinggames are all blocked


How do I manually add new device to my computer?

I plugged my MP3 up into the usb port, but it never recognized it, so I can't access it. What do I do?


Websites for fun

I want some sites 2 check what's new from every side(music-movies...etc)
And some sites for fun


Fun sites to go on?

Do you know any fun site to go on.
Sometimes when I'm bored I like to do quizzes and play games and such, but I'm running out of fun sites.
Know any??



fun games

well I'm like really bored right now does anyone know any good sites to playy games
please and thank you :]

5 views NSFW

Fun Websites for girls?

I am really really bored, and I can't go out and hang with friends right now so does anyone know of some fun websites I can go to?? Ones for like 15 year old girls please.

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Does anyone know where i might find a manual for microsoft works 9?

My version didn't come with one, i can't find it on ebay, and doesn't have anything but templates.


What is a fun free app for your ipod touch?

I love my ipod but I also like their apps but I dont have so much money (im broke) to spend on it so does anyone know any fun/cool apps for an ipod touch


what are a few fun ipod touch apps?

ok I dont feel well 2day so I had 2 stay home from school and theres nothing 2 do except read, sleep, and play on my itouch sooo any fun apps for the I touch?


Is it possible to switch to a manual transmission?

i just got a 07 charger 2.7l automatic trans and i'm looking to upgrade with mostly bolt on parts but i was wondering if somewhere down the line would it be possible to switch to a manual trans?


Can someone please help me make a fun aim screen name for myself?

I have red hair and green eyes.
I am very tall (5' 11'').
I love everything about drama.
My favorite color is green.


What are some other fun gadgets like the laser gun alarm clock?

Like this,
or this hundred dollar bill toilet paper
Or a hot dog toaster?


How can I fix the auto-fill/correct function on my iPod?

Not sure that's the right term but you know how when your typing something on your touch/iPhone it will correct it/fill in the word for you? Yea how can I stop it from adding a ^ after me^?


Looking for fun, girly sites.

Hiii ;D

Im looking for fun, girly sites!
Like, sites about how to do your make-up,
or what the latest trends are in Fashion.
Or fun celebrity-gossip sites.
I don't know.

Just tell me if there are any sites that you like to go to :]
I always go to Oce...


Does auto submission work?

Whenever I build some website I immediately submit to list of search engines and diretories. I like to know that does this submission useful. When it start give response. Is there chance of geting traffic from these submission?


Which phone is better and more fun for a 15 year old girl?

Htc touch
Nokia 6600 slide
Htc touch 3g
Nokia 5800 expresmusic
Or blackberry curve 8320

I like cell phones that are easy and fun to use.
Wich one is better for me?
Thank you for you answer...


How do you delete auto backup photos from your gallery on a nexus 7?

I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out how to delete the auto backup photos from google+ on my nexus 7. Theyre really annoying cause most of them are blurry and I dont want any of them really. I deleted my whole google+ account, but the photos were s...


Why do manual transmission cars get better MPG?

I'd like to know why do manual transmission cars get better MPG (miles per gallon)? It seems like with all the modern technology we have, automatic transmission cars would work as well as manual. And I know that I'd like to reduce CO2 emissions & all t...


Is Canon PowerShot A520 a manual camera?

I'm planning ahead for my junior year in high school and want to take photography as my elective choice once I get out of required classes. I was reading in the art conservatory section of the school website and it said that to take Beginner/Advanced ...


What are really fun ideas for youtube?

I just started my own youtube.
I already posted my first video which was just an intro.
But I need good ideas for my follow-ups.
I don't like the whole mocking other people though.
and I'm limited to webcam till I get a camcorder.
Any ideas?
if y...


how can I find a virus myself and remove it manually?

My computer has picked up a virus!! I can run spy sweeper webroot, but it wont let me run norton antivirus! When I click on it, it very seldom comes up. When it does, a link pops up that asks me if I want to stop scanning. I click NO and then everythin...


Why do I get made fun of for having an online girlfriend?

I have this online girlfriend that I love dearly. But I get made fun of by the people around me for it. Why is it so wrong? I see no bad in it. We exchange pictures, videos and even live chat sometimes. Sure we don't live close so that kind of limits t...


What to do with Photoshop cs5?

fun things you can use the program for??


how do you get internet on a dsi?

I wonder how to get internet on the dsi because
there is no manual that shows how to in it

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