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What should I do about my computer not turning on?

So a coouple days ago, my computer stopped turning on. I've checked the power supply while unplugged; you can still hear electricity in it when its turned on. By turned on, I mean the switch. It doesnt have the fan going or anything.

I've tried unpl...


How to unblock buddy on buddy list on aol?

How to unblock buddy on buddy list on aol?


How do I find old passwords (a list of them) on my current PC?

I forgot a password on a Vista PC that sat in my cupboard for a few months. However, it used to be synchronised with my other PCs, so if I could view a list of old passwords on my Windows 7 and Vista PC, I could then figure out what the password could...


Drop down window thingy

Ok I unfortunately dont know what its called

But yknow that window that pops down from various search bars that say things that you have typed in before?

How do you disable that?


How can I make a mail icon for aol mail to my desk top?

I have yahoo service and aol service. I would like to have the mail for each on my desktop by making yahoo my home service and aol my hidden service with an icon of the aol mail on my desktop.thus I could easilypik and choose my mail service since I ha...


why wont my email work?????????????

ßßthis is getting realy annoying :( urgggggggg


Why do I get made fun of for having an online girlfriend?

I have this online girlfriend that I love dearly. But I get made fun of by the people around me for it. Why is it so wrong? I see no bad in it. We exchange pictures, videos and even live chat sometimes. Sure we don't live close so that kind of limits t...


What can my parents see?

I have the verizon cell phone service and on a family plan (I'm pretty sure) with myself, my mom, my dad, my brother and our work phone and I was wondering what could they get writeups of? I am pretty sure they can get call ones (who I've called, whose...


What version of Audacity should I download (read description)?

I'm going to make a mash-up of songs from my iTunes using audacity, so I need a version that supports mp4 songs...I have a Windows 7 computer.


Whats does lol mean?

can I ask a really dumb question what does lol mean I've not been doing this long thanks

41 views NSFW

How 2 make a youtube video not private?

I have 2 have this video posted on youtube 4 some school work. But it says its private so .. Ya ...

How do you make a youtube video not private?


youtube username?

I wanna make a youtube account but I cant think of a username, maybe you could come up with one:DD
heres some stuff to help you out:DD

-my favorite colors are orange, limegreen, and blue.oh and yellow:DD
-I love pandas
-I want something interesti...


Ipod- itunes help?

Can I take music from an ipod and move it into an empty itunes library?
I just got a new one ipod touch.. but on my old ipod touch... I bought music from the itunes on my ipod.. so they weren't on my computer.. so if I sync my new one with the old lib...


How do I change my screenname?

How do I change my screenname?


How to block unwanted phone calls?

How do I block, my friend from contacting my home phone, my mom doesn't know how to do it, and it's getting really annoying, he thinks it's a joke but it's not, and my mom is fing betching at me 24/7 for it, I have no idea how to block that number, it ...


How do you like verizon's KIN ONE phone?

And to use it's facebook and social networking feature do you have to have a certain plan or will it cost money?


How can I recover my old account from skype?

How can I recover my old account from skype I close skype but then when I get in again I couldnt take the name that I had and I lost my contacts for example: I was jimmy2 but then when I tried to get in skype toldme that this name was already taken but...


Why youtube only let play some videos in a pc computer, but not in mobile phones?

Its very frustating, but the best videos you can never watch it in your mobile phone why is that?


Why I cant see the folder of the pictures of Canon Exus 75?

Canon IXUS 75 - Cant Open the Images! Empty Folder! MISC! How to fix it?
I have canon IXUS 75. I cant open the images because they were no Images... But When I put back the memory into my IXUS canon... The images are still there.

When I Use memoryc...


International calling for free?

Is there a way to call internationaly [like to the UK] without being charged from it, from your mobile phone? [through tmobile and no international calling plan] Help me please?


why does my page open up small?

it never used to, ,but now when I click on to ebay, or something ,the page does not open out to the full size, and I have to enlarge it myself ???


MSN dynamic display pictures

On MSN you can record your own default picture, it's like a video (or it could be an animated GIF) that plays on loop. Does anyone know where these dynamic pictures are saved on your computer? Is there any way of getting the picture off MSN?

Thank y...


Which is better, Google or Yahoo?

which is the best search engine, Google or Yahoo? which you like better and why?


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