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How do I hack into my boost mobile phone and change my minute

How do I hack into my boost mobile phone and change my minutes?


how do you hide the interests section on myspace?

I need help in finding out how to hide the interests section on myspace


Will this printer work with my Macbook?

I have an Epson printer Stylus C48 Printer, connected to my home computer (windows) and I need to print out an assignment for school.

Will this connect to an Apple Macbook?


How can I remove an Personal Antivirus?

I have an anti virus on my computer and it keeps popping up and distracting me.I tried deleting and it didnt delete. I even went to the control panal. What is a safe and free way I can delete it?


how do I look at my pic ratings on here?

how do I look at my pic ratings on here?


How do you change a pic to jpeg

Im wondering how to change I pic format to jpeg. Im trying to register my pet as missing. And it only allows jpeg.


is myxer free???

is the ringtone website free if you have internet on your phone?? I used it before when I didn't have internet and got charged a ton but my friend who does have internet says they don't charge if anyone has used it please let me know!!!


Delete friends on Facebook do you get rid of friends on facebook??? I think I've been hacked bc recently like 20 people have just been like "this person has accepted your friend request" and its like some 50 year old living in like Nebraska. plllz help!


Serious help!

Okay so I want to get the 1 missed call ringtone [american version]
Does anyone know a site that would have it and wouldn't rip me off.

Pleaseee help<3

10 views NSFW

Scene/emo usernames

Yesh well I want a new you tube account soo yesh if you can give meh a non poserish name pllz :] thank u

24182 views NSFW

sidekick LX

How can I download music and viedos to my sidekick LX frm my home computer?


Why does my laptop take too long to shut down?

My laptop is new we dont know how to use it very well yet, but when we do use it and want to finish and shut down the computer it takes very long to close.


laptop blue tooth help

my laptop has the blue tooth light indicator next to the others such as wifi, battery charging/dying. i can not find on my laptop anywhere of a blue tooth device. do i need to get blue tooth integrated?


How do you take photos using a webcam?

How do you take photos using a webcam? what do you press and how do you press it ?


Salute on Myspace?

how do I create a salute to get my password from myspace back?


Virus overload

My sister in laws computer is absolutely infested with viruses. She bought it used, but she paid a good price for it. When she bought it, it was already infected with viruses. I'm trying to fix it for her, but I'm beyond knowing what to do at this poin...


How can I stop my neighbor from using my wireless?

I have modem and it has wierless I dont want to my neighbor to use it is there any way to do that


Turn back computer time for virus?

ok my dad had a virus about a yr ago and told me that you can turn the days back on your computer to get rid of the virus.well about 6 months ago on my computer I had a virus and my dad turned my computer back 4 days well I got a virus today and I need...


What is your advice on going into high school?

omg I am sooo scared im going into high school this year to be a like petrified about the bus and cfiteria situation...and the worst part is only like 3 out of 14 of my friends are going to the same school as me so I dont know if they wi...


How do I send pictures from my mobile phone to my laptop?

How do I get pictures from my mobile phone to my laptop? I already have my moblie connected to my lapton and have the correct drievr installed


How to delete administrator account

I work for a rental car company. . . The people I work for brought out another rental company. . .the computers also. . . They was giving the computers away. . I ask for one. . . Can't get around the administrator account to load up my linksys wireles...


Pc connect to tv

How would I connect my hp desktop computer to my regular tv? It has the rca cable connections and a s-video connection. 04 durabrand tv


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