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How much do highlights cost?

Just wondering. I need to know. Because I might go today or tomorrow.


Is my breast size 34a normal for a 13 year old?

Is my breast size 34a normal for a 13 year old? and is there a way to make them bigger?


everytime I shave my vagina I get bumps?

everytime I shave my vagina I get bumps? what should I do to get rid of them?
should I wait a couple days to shave again? or whattt...

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When should I change my industrial barbell?

My industrial piercing is 2 weeks old. How long are you supposed to wait before you can change the bar?


How do you get rid of a pig nose?

I have a really upturned pigs nose, so bad that people can see up my nostrils just by looking at me...what can I do?


Can I dye my hair black with blue tint?

Is there any way I can tint my black hair with blue without having to bleach it? I don't want blue hair I just want it to show in light.

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Why is my areola getting smaller?

I just looked at my breasts and I noticed my areola has gotten smaller, what could that be aboutt?Is that normal, or what is going on?


What hurts more, lip or belly piercing?

I've had my lip pierced and I want to peirce my belly. But, (this is a question for people who have had lip piercings and belly), what would you say hurts more?


iz 32b too small bra size 4 a 13yr old?

question says all..

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Is a cartilage piercing the same gauge size as a normal ear lobe piercing?

Does the helix cartilage piercing have gauge sizes or is it the standard size like a regular ear lobe piercing?


How to make boobs grow?

I have boobs but there not huge. How do I make them grow bigger? I want at least a full B or nearly c.

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How long does it take male pubic hair to grow back?

Is a male ment to shave his pubic hair and if he dose how log dose it take to grow back


36c bra size for 13 yr old

im a 36c, is that the average bra size for 13 year old girl like me??

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Can you make homemade tattoo ink from cigarette ashes?

can you really make tattoo ink out of cigarette ashes and water?
is there anything else you can use?

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How much would a full spine tattoo cost?

I want to get it done
But curious about the price


What do guys think of girls with braces?

what do guys think of girls with braces? im gettin braces in feb 1st and wounder what this boy I reallylike will think.

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How much does it cost to get piercings changed?

I'm needing to get my lip ring changed by a piercer and was curious at the cost for that.

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How to get my braces off sooner?

Are there any tips to getting your braces off sooner? I really want to get mine off soon, so is there anything I can do to speed up the process?


How old to get snake bite piercings?

How old do you have to be to get lip ring piercings?

Do you just have to have someone over 18 sign or do you have to have your parents there?


When: Can you dye your hair while its wet? After you washed it?

I am dying my Moms hair for her. She has sum gray hairs. My Mom wants to know. Will it not work if your hair is wet?


Pop a pimple, what is the white stuff that comes out of it?

When you pop a pimple, what is the white stuff that comes out of it? Sometimes its the liquid, and sometimes its like a hard little dot. What is it?


Ash blond hair colour turned out too red, can I tone it

I used a loreal hair colour ash blond, its too red , is there \a product I can use to cool it down

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Got my industrial piercing yesterday but it still bleeds a tiny bit

I got my industrial piercing yesterday but it still bleeds a tiny bit when I clean it? Its it nothing to worry about?


How long until I can change my eyebrow piercing?

How long untill I can change my Eyebrow peircing... I got it done One week ago!??


Dying your air

So I died my hair, well high lighted it but it turned out kinda orange and I dont like it, any advice??


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