Would it be okay if I put foundation over my whitehead?

Before you tell me no, read this. Okay, I dont put foundation all over my face, just around my eyes. I have this medication that puts a seal over the blemish, but you can still seal it. If I put foundation over that, will it not affect the whitehead?

Answer #1

I still wouldn’t recommend it :\ if I were you I’d get rid of the zit all together.

Answer #2

I know. My friend and parents are like “you pop it, you get scars”. I want to because it hurts but I cant

Answer #3

Psh, I’ve popped every pimple I’ve ever gotten and I’ve yet to get a scar.

Answer #4

If your going out, ok cause no one wants to have them seen. But right when you get home wash it off.

Answer #5

I think you should just let it be, since you already have medication over it. I feel like when you put makeup over zits it clogs it up & makes it worse.

Answer #6

I wouldn’t. It’s better for your skin to just leave blemishes alone and not cover them. It dehydrates your pores.

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