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Black spray paint

Where can you buy some Black Spray Paint,no I'm not tagging anything,I want to spray my bat red and black,somewhat similar to Shawn Crahan's bat?


Where to find Ugg boots?

hey I am looking 4 uggs and they're al sold out! do you no a website where I can find a number 6 classic short chestnut ugg? plzzz help


What to get for my daughter's birthday?

she is turning seven and I don't know what she'll want for her birthday. should I throw her a party? go to dinner? go to the movies and when I ask her she say I dont know. what would be ideal for a seven year old girl?

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How old do you have to be to buy condoms?

How old do you have to be to buy condoms??

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How old do you have to be to buy a shaving razor?

in boots, semi-chem etc?

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Where do I buy poplar clothes at?

Where do poplar teens buy their clothes at what
Stores do they go to.and to buy their pocketbooks


Do girls like birthstones as gifts?

So ladies, do you like birthstones as gifts? Birthstones look really nice and im thinkin of gettin my girlfriend a birthstone as a present.. but the problem I cant seem to figure out is..

why is it so cheap? 18k Yellow Gold Overlay Sterling Silver Eme...


What do I get my boyfriend for his birthday?

Its my boyfriends birthday in a couple days. Weve been goign together for 3 years and now I have no idea what to get him. He says he dosent want me to get him anything, but thats not going to happen. Hes a funny guy always telling jokes but he also has...

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My sister's birthday is coming up and I want to do something for her. I mentioned before that one of her biggest things to do is hang out on or sing Bratz commercials to my poor parents when they eat dinner. I am not a little girl, so it is...


Victoria Secret Perfume ?

What's your favorite Victoria Secret Perfume? What's it called?


Lost my camera hook-up

I have a samsung digimax D52, 5.0 mega pixel. I lost my hook up and I was wondering if htere was anyway to get the pics off without it bc I dont know how I'd find another hook up. Help?

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How much does a big trampoline cost?

How much does one of those big round trampolines with a net cost? I really want one for Christmas but it's definately not all I want and I dont want dad to spend too much, although he's really good at ebay so I was more wondering what the prices might ...


What's a good present for a 17 year old teenager?

I know i am a teenager but my bday is coming up and i just dont know what i want for gifts. my family hates it when i can't tell them. i think about them at the only times where i dont have a pencil or pen and then i forget them. i Know that since it's...


Target Clothing Return Issue?

So I bought a shirt from Target but I really don't like it and want to take it back. However I took the tags off. Can I walk over to the clothing section and take the same shirt off the rack and return it with the receipt? Will they know its not the...


Valentines ideas for my girlfriend?

somebody please help me valentines is right around da corner and im broke and I cant anything 4 my girl all I have is 5 bucks 2 my name I need some suggestions NOW ASAP!!!


Where in Georgia do they sell Reborn baby dolls?

I really want a Reborn baby doll for cheap. (Like anywhere from $39.99 to $115!) I want a girl that is at least 6 pounds and is at least 18 inches. I saw a lot of those that fit that criteria online but I can't seem to find a store. If you can find one...


Gifts for a 16 year old girl

What sort of ideas can you give me to get gifts for a 16 year old girl? This girl is headstrong and seems to only like her Ipod and her journal. Any clues where I can get some ideas or does anyone have any pearls of wisdom for me?


Where to get a Trek bike?

I could not find trek bikes at target or walmart type stores. From where I can get trek bikes? Are there any other brand names for bike which are good?


How much money should I bring to the mall?

I seriously need more stuff.. and I've been reading answers about this question.. and it all says stuff like " Bring $500 or more" and I only have like $125 to spend.. so do you think that would be enough to buy a few shirts ( no pants ) and mabye s...


Where can I buy chamomile water?

I want to get my eyes lighter, and I hear that chamomile water works. have any idea where I can get one? && I dont know what it really is so how do I use it to make my eyes lighter in the first place?


laying lcd tv on their side

Can you lay lcd tvs down on it's side?


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