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Is 8/10 ok for 13 year old???

Is size 8/10 (in england) an ok size for a 13 year old? My mum wears some 1size 2 clothes and she looks, well not small particularly, so I was wonderin whether for my age 10 is big???

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water bra? or gel bra?

what kind of bra would make my boobs feel real?? and where could I buy it? like vicotris secret maybe? ... please help me


How to buy Hannah Montana 3D tickets?

how can I buy hannah montana 3d concert tickets for less and have them by january 19, 2008?


Where can I buy pokemon stuff?

Enything to do with pokemon?
Eny shops in town?
Eny special websites?
Preferably cheap?

Thanks x


What do guys like as presents?

me and my best friend just got boyfriend's this year and we have no clue what to get them for xmas, we know they are getting us amazing things but what do guys like??? ahh

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Selena Gomez

hi my name iz ayreona rainey and I want 2 buy the selena gomez outfits im also 13 years old how do I get them pleaze answer this


Where can I buy an airline steward Halloween costume?

I know this is a random question!! but Its the best idea that I can think of for halloween :) where could I buy a waist coat with like a british airways emblem or something that will make me recognisable as a airline steward?? or how can i make one??


How can I be a secret shopper for safeway?

How can I be a secret shopper for safeway?


Buying percocet online without a perscription

How do I buy percocet online with no perscription


What should I get my fiance and friend for their birthdays?

ok for one i dn't know which category to put this in...but my question is i dk what to get my fiancee for his birthday..!!i mean i know wht he likes but i'm afarid he won't like it or he already has it!!so..yea....and i'm trying to save sum money so i ...

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How old do you have to be to buy a vibrator at spencers?

Me and my friends walk through spencers all the time. I know they sell vibrators there, but I'm young so I don't know how old you have to be to buy one, do you have to be 18 or is it okay to be a few years younger? Will they I.D you?

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Can I still buy halodrol-50?

Can I still buy halodrol-50?


Where scene girls get their clothes from ?

I wear sizes 12 regular and 12 slim in kids.
I wear size 00 in juniors.
I want to be different, and scene.
I can't go to hot topic because theyre stufff don't fit mee :(
where can I get scene clothes from in my size ?
please I need your helppp! thankyo...

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Where can you get real converse shoes?

and what are the price ranges?


When will the Nintendo Wii be in stock again?

everyone wants a wii...I do 2... so the question is when is it coming out again in stores?


Were can I buy good black eyeliner?

Were can I buy good black eyeliner?


What are some secret santa gift ideas?

Does anyone have any good ideas for a secret santa gift? It is for a guy in senior highschool.


Can I trust online coupons?

Can I trust online coupons? Is it safe to use them?


How much would something that costs $498.00 be, AFTER tax?

How much would something that costs $498.00 be, AFTER tax?


Best Friends Bday!

My best friends birthday is this Friday, and I need a giftt! She has EVERYTHING already and I don't have too much time. I was thinking a scrapbook or something like that but I haven't know her too long and that would take a while. ANY IDEAS?!

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Where in Georgia do they sell Reborn baby dolls?

I really want a Reborn baby doll for cheap. (Like anywhere from $39.99 to $115!) I want a girl that is at least 6 pounds and is at least 18 inches. I saw a lot of those that fit that criteria online but I can't seem to find a store. If you can find one...


Should I buy a skateboard from Target or Skate Shop?

Beginner skater questions I've been really interested in skateboarding for a while now. But don't know anyone who skates.
I was wondering if it's wise to get the cheap skateboard at target rather than getting the $100+ skateboards for a beginner. And...


Where can I buy an Ashley Paige swimsuit online?

Where can I buy Ashley Paige swimsuit ? Online..


Where can I buy a System jo online?

Does any one know where I can but system jo original online some where with a pay pal and a website that actualy ships to canada?


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