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Where can I buy baby stuff online for a good price?

Please give me some sites.
I'm looking for baby clothes/cribs, etc...


14th b-day party!!!

ok so my birthday is march 9th which is coming up pretty fast!! and my mom is getting me a wii for my b-day and we were thinking about inviting my friends and family and calling it a wii party! so people come and hang out and play the wii! but the prob...


What's a 1-year anniversary present for a guy?

I have been with my boyfriend for a year and I want to get him something special...what do guys want? lol I always have the trouble of buying for him!

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Where to buy an iPhone in Michigan?

I am looking to buy a new 4gb iphone at a store, not online
please I need help, I want to save a $100
please tell me any store that still has one, just one, preferably in michigan, detroit area


Can you use someone else's Sam's Club card without them being present?

My aunt let us use hers but her and my mom look a like. but im wondering if i can go in and buy something without there being a problem


Where do you buy your jewelry from, and what kind do you like?

I buy mine from Hot Topic, Spencers, Wal-Mart, and sometimes flea-markets or thrift shops.

I like jewelry with skulls, wings, tiaras, brass knuckles, and things like that. Gothic/scene type jewelry.
I love black jewelry, and some that has cool co...


Can I buy syringes from walgreens?

Can I buy syringes from walgreens?


What's a good 1-year anniversary present?

I have a pretty good idea as to what I want to get him, but does anybody have any good ideas for a gift to give a guy on our 1 year anniversary?


How much does a good quality screwdriver cost?

I'm looking to buy a new screwdriver for my step-dad for Christmas - boring I know, but he said he needs a new one for work :/ I was wondering where I could get one from, and how much a good quality one would cost? DIY isn't really my area of expertise.


What should I get my boyfriend for our 3 year anniversary?

I have been dating my boyfriend for almost three years and our anniversary is coming up soon. Any suggestions on what to get him?


what cologne do women like best?

I have worn so many colognes and had mixed results until I started spending way too much for fragrance. Is there a cologne that women prefer over all the rest? I have a limited budget so I can't afford to spend over 40 bucks on this. Ladies (or gent...


Does old navy have a site that deliver to the uk?

hii I was just wondering if the shop old navy has a site that delivers to the uk???


Is it too early for Christmas?

People are already talking about Christmas! Don't you think it is too early?


Where can I get a plain, zip-up half-jacket?

I love tanktops but we cant wear them to school. Where can I get a plain zip-up black half-jacket?


Where can I buy Xx-hi converse in the Uk?

Ok, so I want some xx-hi converse and when I finally got enough money I realized the site I was going to buy them from don't ship them internationally, anyone know where else I could buy them from instead?


is size 26x28 the same as size 0 in juniors?

for girls and guys?

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Where can I buy pickle juice?

Where can I buy the juice without the pickle?


My girlfriends birthday gift??

Okay so I want to buy her a flat iron, I think this would make a wonderful gift since she loves to play with her hair a lot. I was deciding to buy her a chi black classic or a dark edition ghd flat iron. Which one is better cause I know theyre both good?


What is the best brand of perfume for men

I have heard many brands of perfumes for men like calvin clain tommy and so on
What do you think is the best perfume to buy.
Any advice is welcome thank you.


Where can i buy a poison ivy costume?

I'm dressing up as poison ivy from batman for halloween and i cant find a good costume! i want to look like her from the comics im looking for something like this

i want it to be ...

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Giving someone a present that was a present to me?

I wanted some opinions on something...
Wot do you think of giving someone a gift that was given to u?
So what I mean is I was given this kinda nice pink purse for my birthday but I have never used it as its not my kinda thing, it got chainy bits ...


Do you think this is a good buy?

I was in the store to buy a bottle of listerine, the small one of 250 ml it costs 3 dollars, but i saw another bottle of another brand for 2 dollars, but this one was 1 liter and said compared to listerine and read the drug facts and ingredients and th...


my sister has a question

my little sister wants to know a website where she can buy an abstinence ring ? our price range is 10-20 dollars ( we're kind of broke right now lol )


What would my Boyfran want for X-Mas?

we've been together 3 years, and I'm not sure what to get him, whats a good gift for him any ideas?

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