What are some cool stores that sell clothes that are fashionable but affordable?

Ex. shirts that are less than $12 a shirt, and pants that are less than $20 a pair.

Answer #1

Bluenotes, Stitches, Urban Planet, Forever 21 are the places I usually go to when I’m on budget, which is mostly always haha. You can find a lot of stuff at those places cheap especially when things go on sale. You can also find some pretty good deals at places like American Eagle, Pac Sun, Boathouse, Macy’s when you are looking at clearances or sale.

Answer #2

Checked American Eagle and Pac Sun I don’t like their style. Macy’s nothing fits me. Never heard of Boathouse gonna check the site out. Thanks. :)

Answer #3

I’m big on forever 21 i’m always getting sales there Ross is pretty good to and Tj maxx,Marshalls,old navy…these stores can can get a great deal hoped that helped you a little.

Answer #4

Definantly forever 21. Ross, Susie’s Deals, Savers, Old Navy, Charolette Rousse (spelling ? lol) Styles for Less & Wet Seal. You could also loook in stores like Zumiez, Tillys, Pacsun, just look at their clearence.

Answer #5

That’s a store in Canada that’s not down here in the US. No wonder why I’ve never heard of it. :p

Answer #6

totaly go to Forever 21! my whole closet is Forever 21!!

Answer #7

Have u tryed areo they r having a sale

Answer #8


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