Is it illegal for a store to sell Redbull to minors?

Answer #1

I know in England you’re not suppose to sell Redbull and other energy drinks to under 16’s but I doubt it’s illegal, I’m sure it depends on what store and what policies they have.

Answer #2

My daughter who is 11 bought one for a friend today

Answer #3

Where I am, anyone can buy them.

Answer #4

I doubt it’s illegal…I’ve just done a quick look on google about it and it’s only a few European countries which have made it illegal.

Answer #5

Wow ok thx

Answer #6

Depends where you live (which you haven’t specified in your question). Where I live anyone can buy them, eight year-olds walk down to the servo and buy those V shots. It’s disgusting and rules need to be put in place.

Answer #7

I’m in the US, sorry didn’t specify and I agree rules need to b put on them

Answer #8

Unberlievabley true and real is the energy drink available to any age here in English shops called…and i am not lying,it is called Pu$$y…without the polite doller symbles things instead being ss. How? what the ? and i am ashamed to be a british citizen when the government let alone shop keppers allow this.Please tell me in the US you dont allow sociely degrading products like these to be on your shelfs,let alone available to children?It aint right…Just shows how the scum of society has won and their ways are becomeing the norm,here in the UK.

Answer #9

Really? In the Midlands they have signs in shops saying you’re not allowed to purchase energy drinks under the age of 16….

Answer #10

Is it a criminal offence? coz i see kids as young as about 10 buying them all the time,fair enough red bull or monster but now i have seen the pu$$y one i think it is a whole new problem on a different level,and wheather they can buy it or not the product should not be on the counter at eye level to a 10 year old,beside the sweets,cold ones in the fridge beside the cokes.Shouldnt be on show at all IMO.

Answer #11

I also think unless an athelete or medicaly in need the drinks should be avoided by people.If you lack energy,change your diet,change your ways or go to the doc ,an energy drink a day is not the answer.

Answer #12

I totally agree with you, I’ve seen in shops where they just turn kids away because they either don’t look 16 or don’t have ID. I mean I’ve been turned away before even though I am 16…obviously some people will slip through because kids look older than they are. but I do agree with you it’s a problem they need to address.

Answer #13

Where I live–in Southern Australia–“energy” drinks are everywhere, and it seems the shops sell them to anyone of any age.

Answer #14

I can tell you from personal experiance its not Illegal in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Penn, NJ, NY, Vermont, or New Hampshire.

Answer #15

I’m in Ohio and thx

Answer #16

Im in Minnesota/United States anyone and everyone buys them here

Answer #17

i dont think that it is illegal

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