What gift would you get for a 9 year old boy that you have never met?

So my college baseball team throws a christmas party for orphans and foster children each year. My child for the night is a 9 year old boy. I want to to get him something cool and our gift is supposed to be between $20-$30. So any ideas?

Answer #1

Maybe you should go and talk to him to find out what he likes or what he wants? Then go buy him the gift that you think best suits the situation.

Answer #2

The kids at my daughter’s grade school are really into Beyblades.

Answer #3

We won’t meet the kid until the party.

Answer #4

Alright I just looked up a huge list of top toys for 9 year olds for 2011, some of the things on the list were legos(they have tons and tons of diffrent sets), Nerf products(swords, guns, etc.) The new bop it game.

Answer #5

Ikr. They are the thing for boys this year to get.

Answer #6

A power balance :P

Answer #7

Angry Birds stuff (it’s a popular game for kids) But the real thing would be interesting…LOL

Answer #8

Oh and a gift receipt to any gift would be good…just incase he’d prefer something else.

Answer #9

A “Star Wars” spaceship set from Lego.

Answer #10


Answer #11


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Answer #14


Answer #15

Gift card!

Answer #16

If he has a game console you might want to get him a cheap game, a D.V.D.

Answer #17

Those little hex bugs that vibrate and run around like crazy.

Answer #18

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