How old do you have to be to buy a shaving razor?

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i don't think there's an age limit to buy a shaving razor.

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i don't think there is one

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I don't think their is an age limit on actual shaving razors in the UK I've brought them before when I was 14/15 :)

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Anyone can buy shaving razors.

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There isn't an age limit on buying shaving razors.. I've bought some from superdrug when I was 11 :)

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what is "inboots and semi chem"?

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beauty stores..

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Actually the top rated answer is wrong.
I was wondering the same thing until one day i went in and tried to buy one, they asked if i was 16 or over i just agreed anyways and they said its fine.
I assume that means you have to be 16. You also need to be 16 to buy the hair razors to layer your hair :)

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not sure i started to buy around 14

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There's not an actual limit in most places.

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whats wrong with you?

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thanks guys :D its just cause in semi chem you have to be 18 to buy fake nails and hairdye! :P

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why would there be an age limit?

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O.o why would you have to be 18 to buy fake nails and hairdye? I'd be so screwed...

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if hair grows you can buy & shave yourself

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there isnt an agelimit where i live, but maybe there is an age limit because they might think u'll cut urself or something? lol! i know im not making sense..sorry..

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