Does anyone know where I can buy one of the 'John & Paul & Ringo & George' shirts?

I’ve been looking everywhere for one of these shirts. I know they don’t carry it in Hot Topic or Spencers or anywhere like that. I’m even having difficulty finding one online; I don’t think they’ve reissued them since 2009. Has anyone been able to find one before? If not, does anyone know of a site that lets me design my own ampersand shirt?

Here’s the link:

Answer #1

i saw one at Hot Topic but if they don’t carry it just look on amazon or somehting

Answer #2


Answer #3

amazon,ebay btw George was the best and whos name should NEVER be last in that order!

Answer #4

I love George, he wrote some of their most beautiful songs :) I think they said they had to put his name last on the shirt though because of the ampersands after each name and his name would stick out awkwardly, being the longest.

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