Where can you buy clothes and shoes that aren't made in China?

Answer #1

It’s either Hollister or American Eagle where their clothes are made from somewhere else me and my brother found out from the tags.

Answer #2

Indonesia is where Hollister makes their clothes (:

Answer #3

Apply some ability and make them yourself from local sources… It’s not hard- just more expensive, initially. You’re not in China right? Bingo!

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Answer #5

whats your problem with china’s clothes? you to good to wear what the rest of the country wears

Answer #6

You do, of course, realize that, if you Americans keep buying all the “Made in China” things then China is going to take over the world. They won’t even need weapons or an army. They will simply become filthy rich and buy everything.

Answer #7

There are many shops around Australia that are not from China but the consumers end up paying more for it as the clothings and shoes are made by workers in Australia. The Australian workers get paid a decent wage with penalties and good working conditions. Personally, I rather pass Chinese products as their quality is disgusting. What you pay is what you get, you paid a cheap price for China’s products that are simply crap. Also, most Chinese people work in sweat shops with minimal pay and Western businesses are taking advantage of this.

Answer #8

Who cares if she wants to wear stuff other than what the rest of the country wears. Its not that she is to good its that she is different. China is cheap anyways. If you want good quality clothes that are a little more expensive and you can afford to buy it then go ahead. No problem with that

Answer #9

Yes, John, I am too good for those clothes and so are you and everyone else who lives in North America. Over the last ten years, the US has lost almost 3 million manufacturing jobs to China. That’s why so many factories are boarded up and unemployment is so high. The hardest hit states are California, Texas, New York, Illinois, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachusetts and Georgia. And if you think that life is good in China because of this, you are right, except it’s only good for the wealthy and for the government.

Answer #10

Well, I don’t need much and I do make a lot of my own clothes. I am just dismayed by the incredibly low quality of goods made in China, and wonder if others have really figured out what’s going on yet. Am not myself in need of clothes and shoes :)

Answer #11

Here’s a thought. Why don’t you make your own clothes? It is very simple an easy to learn to do.

Answer #12

Winter, making ones own clothe is not the answer. If every business around the world preferred to have their products manufactured or made in China because the labour, parts etc are cheaper, this practice is going to basically screw up a lot of the businesses. I don’t know which country you are from, but imagine, you are in Australia. You own a small business, you produce your own line of clothing and shoes, you employee people who live in YOUR country to work for you and produce these items, you pay your employees a decent wage, they in turn use the money you pay them to spend on their living expenses and this pumps cash back into your country’s economy. If consumers prefer cheaper, crappy products from China, businesses, especially small businesses, will fold and the labour market in your country will reduce, people will lose their jobs and the money consumers are spending buying overseas products, the revenues are going back to that country that produced the cheap goods. Of course if you are from China, what I just said would be a blessing for you.

Answer #13

china wont own the world they might have a bunch of the money but i live in America home of the “well just bomb you and take what we want” and to think your to good for something because it comes from china makes your ego to big.

Answer #14

No, lol, I didn’t mean that, “Too good for..” were your words and I just carried on using them. I should have corrected it to something more like “being cautious of”. Am strictly referring to the economics of a country that suddenly has so many unemployed.

Answer #15

If you really don’t want things from china I don’t really think you should be using any computer ever made. Look inside that machine sometime and see where all the parts were made. You should probably also never drive a car or buy pretty much anything except food. Cause guess what MADE IN CHINA. If people in this country really wanted to change that they would make better and cheaper products instead of the garbage I see with MADE IN THE USA stamped on it.

Answer #16

Oh John oh John. There are many things that are not produced from China. Chinese cars and I am not being bias in the least, based on our national safety standard which is lawful and enforceable, all cars imported and exported into and out of Australia must go through crash tests for each new models the manufacturers introduces to the market. 5 stars safety rating being the highest a car manufacturer can be awarded for safety. Guess what John, Chinese cars only pass 2 or 3 stars safety rating. People buy Chinese cars because they are cheap, that is, they get a new car for the price of a second hand car without all the safety features. Not exactly sure where you get your assumptions all cars are made from China???. Holden and Ford are Australian owned car manufacturing companies that assembles most of their cars in Australia, employee Australian workers, the consumers who buy their cars are Australians and people from overseas and the qualities of these cars all have 5 stars safety international ratings……You mention if American wanted change they need to make better products? I strongly disagree with that comment. Some Americans products are just as good in quality as they are in price. My step-father owns a Jeep Cherokee he purchased the vehicle brand new, paid slightly more than what Americans would pay for this model BUT he has never had any issues with the car because it was built in America, by Americans with safety and quality in mind. Take another example, the Iphone, this is an American product, the quality is second to none and people in America and around the world have jobs because of Apple.

Answer #17

There are a lot of online stores that could offer you high quality clothes and shoes like jafrum.com . This online store sells finest quality of shoes and clothes in affordable prices.

Answer #18

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