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Does anyone else like Hollywood Undead?

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I Love Hollywood Undead. i listen to them everyday. i see the band as this way at how they do there parts. Johney 3 tears = Speaks how we all feel and speake the Truth about life along with not F-ing around and gets stuf done, Is a Poet with his parts even if does not sound like poetry. Charlie Scene = Rap's Amazing, rap's about Partying and whatnot. J-Dog = speaks the truth also, Rock's out like crazy in his parts. Danny = Amazing chorus, Sings so good, ties it all together. Funny Man = Names speaks for itself, he so funny and rap's about girls and partying. Da Kurlzz = amazing beats, Screams amazing, i wish he had a bigger singing part other than screaming and his parts in their Christmas song. My favorite is Johney 3 Tears becasue of what i said up top and for many other reasons. Hollywood Undead has helped me get through Difficult times and i can relate to their songs. Who is your favorite and why? My top 7 favorite songs are Pour Me, The Diary,We are, Sell yor soul, No.5, Everywhere I go, Undead, I LOVE ALL THEIR SONGS!! what are your Favorites?! Please no Danny - Deuce arguments or ranting over that subject!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!