What is the hardest instrument to play?

Answer #1

Well, there are a few factors involved here when it comes to that. Stringed instruments are said to be harder than keyed instruments and horned instruments easier than keyed, but I believe that alot depends on what the person really “wants” to play. For example: I’ve been playing guitar for about 25 yrs. I taught myself because I “wanted” to play, on the other hand, it would be hard for me to learn piano or sax, because I’m just not interested if this makes sense.

Answer #2

I absolutely. Ive been playing guitar for quite a while now and then when my mom let me take piano lessons, it kinda didnt work out so well. I can easily learn how to play when it comes to stringed instruments. So, I agree with your opinion. Thanks!

Answer #3

for me its the guitar my fingers are to big for the strings so i am having a hard time playing the guitar but thats just for me.

Answer #4

All the stringed instruments - violin, viola, cello, double bass. To play them, you have to have an excellent ear for relative pitch. On a piano, you can just hit a G, on the violin you have to “hear” that your finger is on just the right place on the string. People who are tone deaf can be trained to play the piano or guitar, not so on the violin.

Answer #5

I guess drums is the harder in general

Answer #6

The Glockenspiel is pretty hard (it’s mostly made out of solid metal).

Answer #7

Don’t get discouraged, keep in mind BB King, a great blues guitarist, had big fat fingers.

Answer #8

String instruments are very hard to play interms of sounding nice and actually playing it in tune… Brass and woodwind intruments are also quite hard, in terms of actually making a sound and actually channeling your air properly… the difficultly of brass instruments is dependent on your mouth shape and the type of mouth pieceyou are using….it also depends on what you are better at controlling,; either your mouth, fingers and arms and how good you are at communication between the them… in stringed instruments your arm(for bowing), and fingers need to corespond well with each other… with woodwind instruments such as clarient and flute, your need your fingers and mind to work well together in ordder to get the note combinations right…. I actually asked this question at one of my Queensland Symphony orcrestra workshops……. its believed that the harp is one of the hardest instruments to play… truely though it depends on the person trying to learn to play it.

Answer #9

It depends on the person. Drums is super easy for me, i finnished the gr8 rock school in 4 years and exelled ever since. But my budy (also lead guitarist of my band) cant learn the drums tobsave his life! But he is the most natuaral guitar player i know! It took him 2 years to get to where most players are at 8-10 years… some ppl are just natuaraly drawn to certan instruments and some not

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